Brexit : EasyJet is going to create a new company based in Austria

EasyJet announced on Friday the creation of a new airline, EasyJet, Europe, who will be based in Vienna and will allow the british company to continue to fly unhindered into Europe after the Brexit.

“The headquarters will be established in Vienna and will allow the company to continue to fly both across Europe and in domestic within the european countries, once the Uk has left the european Union – whatever the outcome of the discussions on the future of the air transport agreement between the United Kingdom and the european Union”, explained in a press release the company is based in Luton, north of London.

A strategy to face the Brexit

The Brexit could lead to an exit of the United Kingdom of the single european sky, an agreement that allows companies based in the countries concerned to fly without hindrance throughout Europe. As soon as known to the British decision to leave the EU in the referendum of June 23, 2016, EasyJet had announced that it would seek to obtain an air operator certificate in another country of the EU, in order to be able to continue to operate without constraint, its european lines.

In the statement released Friday, the company announces “you have submitted earlier this year an application with Austro Control for obtaining a certificate of air transportation (CTA) and from the austrian federal ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology for the obtaining of a license of an air carrier”.

No transfer of staff

“The accreditation process is now well advanced, and EasyJet hopes to get the CTA and the license in the near future. This will help establish a new airline EasyJet Europe”, has continued the business to the logo, orange and white. In detail, this new company will be a subsidiary of the company based in Luton but will have complete autonomy, said a spokesman for EasyJet to AFP. The company, which has not provided schedule, stressed that none of its 6,000 jobs in the Uk would not be transferred to Austria.

The primary entity of EasyJet, which remains at Luton, will be responsible for the operation of some 140 aircraft based in the United Kingdom, which will be used for links between this country and the EU or non-european countries. EasyJet Europe will operate for its part, has a hundred devices, relying on his 4.000 employees in the european Union.

(With AFP)

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