Bone Therapeutics strengthens its Board of directors

Steve Swinson was elected President of the Board of directors of Bone Therapeutics

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Dirk Dembski, appointed as an independent director, brings to the Board additional expertise in orthopedics and biotechnology
Michel Helbig will continue to serve as an independent director

Gosselies, Belgium, 3 July 2017, 7: 00 am – BONE THERAPEUTICS (code Euronext Brussels and Paris : BOTHE, eligible PEA-PME), society of cellular therapy bone that meets major unmet medical needs in the areas of orthopedics and bone diseases, announces today that Steve Swinson was elected President of the Board of directors. He will replace Michel Helbig, who resigned from his functions of president, but will continue to sit on the Board as an independent director.

Bone Therapeutics is pursuing, in addition, the strengthening of its Board with the appointment of Dirk Dembski as an independent director. Leader seasoned, Dirk Dembski combines expertise in orthopedics and biotechnology, as well as experience in sales, marketing, business development and medical training, acquired within international corporations in the life sciences. His skills complement those of Steve Swinson and Damian Brown, who both joined the Board of directors of Bone Therapeutics in may. These appointments, which significantly enhance the spectrum of specialized expertise in the field of orthopaedics and regenerative medicine Company, will support the new management team, led by Thomas Lienard, the Director-general.

Steve Swinson has held many positions of responsibility in companies of medical technologies in orthopedics, and has notably been in charge of the general management, strategy, sales, marketing and business operations of Medtronic. At Medtronic, Steve Swinson has led the division of Spine and Biologics for the Canada and western Europe, and has been Vice-President and general Manager of international activities related to the spine with the responsibility of a turnover substantial. During his international career, rich of thirty years spent in Asia, the United States, Europe and Africa, he has also occupied positions of responsibility in the departments of medical and diagnostic General Electric and Hewlett Packard. Steve Swinson has a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Manchester and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Steve Swinson is currently the chairman of the board of directors of Vexim, a medical device company, specializing in the treatment for minimally invasive vertebral fractures and is also a member of the board of directors of Acteon Group, is a leader in dental products and imaging products.

Dirk Dembski has held various positions in medical societies, biotechnology and orthopedics in which he has, in particular, led the activities of sales and marketing at the global level, as well as business development activities. Through the functions of Director general he currently holds at bricon Group, the business unit’s German Naton Medical Group, one of the largest technology companies, medical chinese, it has completed several acquisitions and pilot activity at the international level. He has also been Vice-president of sales, marketing and business development at Olympus Biotech, EMEA, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, where it has successfully commercialized a portfolio of growth factors bone, of cellular technologies and biomaterials to innovative. Dirk Dembski has also worked as director of sales and marketing at Small Bone Innovations, a company specialising in medical technology bone, which was acquired by Stryker.

Marc Nolet de Brauwere van Steeland, who has served on the Board of directors of Bone Therapeutics since 2015, has resigned from her position last June 30.

Thomas Lienard, ceo of Bone Therapeutics, said : “With the election of Steve Swinson to the functions of the Chairman and the appointments of Dirk Dembski, and Damian Brown as a director, Bone Therapeutics develops an international Board of directors of first plan as its platform for cell therapy allogeneic is reaching a major milestone. The new members bring to the Board a unique set of skills and expertise that are highly complementary in terms of development and marketing of products for orthopedics, and cell therapy. I would like to welcome Steve Swinson, as well as to new members and would like to thank Michel Helbig for his four-year tenure at the head of the Board of directors of Bone Therapeutics. Thanks to his thoughtful counsel and relevant, he has helped the Company to achieve key milestones in its strategic development, ensuring in particular the monitoring of its introduction on the stock exchange in 2015. To him we owe in particular the formation of a strong management team, whose role will be critical to the approach of the commercialization of our platform of cellular therapy allogeneic, as well as the development of the Board of directors since the ipo. He has also played a leading role in the recent recruitment of top-level directors, with a broad international experience in the field of activity of Bone Therapeutics. We rejoice that he remains a member of the Board and continues to provide support to the Company “.

Steve Swinson, President of the Board of directors of Bone Therapeutics, commented : “My election at the head of the Council of Bone Therapeutics is a challenge that is exciting and an honor. Bone Therapeutics is the leader in regenerative approaches in bone disease and its platform has the potential to revolutionize medical practice in this area. I look forward to being able to put my experience of medical technologies in the service of Thomas Lienard and his team, as well as my colleagues on the Board of directors, as we move towards the commercialization of this platform of unique products “.

Dirk Dembski has added : “I dare to believe that my experience and my expertise will be very useful to Bone Therapeutics as the Company moves towards the commercialization phase of its products. I look forward to accompanying the placing on the market of its revolutionary technologies alongside Steve and other members of the Board of directors “.

About Bone Therapeutics
Bone Therapeutics is a leading company in the cell therapy of bone that meets major unmet medical needs in the field of orthopedics and pathology of bone. Based in Gosselies, Belgium, the Company has an extensive diversified portfolio of cell therapy products bone, in clinical development in various therapeutic areas targeting markets characterized by significant unmet medical needs and innovations limited.

Our technology is based on a unique approach and proprietary in bone regeneration, which transforms stem cells undifferentiated in cell “osteoblastic” or reconstitution of bone tissue. The administration of these cells is achieved in a manner that is minimally invasive which allows to avoid the surgical procedures heavy.

Our clinical program main is ALLOB®, a product of cellular therapy allogeneic “ready-to-use” obtained from stem cells of healthy donors, which is in phase II study in the treatment of fractures with delayed consolidation and in the spinal fusion. The Company also has a cell therapy products autologous bone, PREOB®, is obtained from the own bone marrow of patients, which is currently in Phase III of its development in the osteonecrosis and fractures with failure of consolidation.

The products of cell therapy of Bone Therapeutics are manufactured according to the standards of the GMP the more stringent, and protected by a broad IP portfolio covering nine families of patents. More information are available on our website

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