Boeing announces 737 MAX more large capacity for the air Show

Latest member of the family 737 MAX, the MAX 10 will be the aircraft’s single aisle, the most efficient and cost-effective in the market ;

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The new aircraft generated a lot of enthusiasm on the part of airlines with more than 240 orders and commitments from 10 customers.
LE BOURGET, France, June 19, 2017 — Boeing today announced the launch of the 737 MAX 10, newest member of the family 737 MAX at the international exhibition of aeronautics and space, Paris-Le Bourget. The 737 MAX 10 will show the lowest cost per seat-mile of any single aisle aircraft built to this day.

This new aircraft is the cause of great excitement in the market with over 240 orders and purchase commitments from more than 10 customers around the world. The customer will announce the details of their orders throughout the week.

“The 737 MAX-10 boosts the competitive advantages of the family, 737 MAX, and for us it is a great honor that so many clients around the world appreciate the exceptional value this aircraft will bring to their fleets,” said Kevin McAllister, president & CEO of the division of Commercial Aviation. “The airlines wanted an aircraft of increased capacity and more efficient on the segment of the large single aisle aircraft, that includes also the operational benefits of the family 737 MAX. With the 737 MAX 10, our customers will have the highest level of flexibility of the market and will bring their fleets of long-range action, the fuel consumption is optimized and the singular reliability that have made the reputation of the family 737 MAX around the world “.

The 737 MAX 10 confirms the superiority of the devices of the family MAX compared to their competitors in terms of range, and provide a cost per trip and cost per seat-mile both lower than 5 %.

Among other design changes, the 737 MAX 10 is characterized by a stretched fuselage of 167,5 cm (66 inches) compared to the 737 MAX 9, and a main landing gear articulated. It can carry up to 230 passengers.

Other changes include an emergency door additional (mid-exit door increasing a variable the limit on the number of passengers that can be evacuated, a watertight bulkhead rear platform more lightweight and to the modifications to the wing to reduce drag at low speed.

The image of the other models of the family 737 MAX, the MAX 10 is equipped with the new engines LEAP-1B from CFM International, wing marginal Advanced Technology designed by Boeing, the layout inside Boeing Sky Interior, with screens of large dimensions in the cockpit, as well as other features that ensure the highest level of efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort on the market of single aisle aircraft.

The 737 MAX remains the plane that is sold the most quickly in the history of Boeing, accumulating to date over 3,700 orders.

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