Blockchain : Innovation and regulation, an equation impossible ?

The blockchain, it is the story of a memorandum… beyond technology, it is the phenomenon of 2016, which continues in 2017 ! Some speak of ” the ubérisation Uber “, others a ” tsunami of technology “. If the machine is in operation, arises now the question of controlling this phenomenon and in particular in the finance sector.

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Blockchain : from euphoria to reality

Venture capital, private investors, banks,… financial institutions have sent a strong message on the potential of the Blockchain. However, looking a little more closely at the phenomenon, the preachers of the Blockchain quickly ran into a brake : the regulation ! Compliance, traceability, inflation, etc. The institutions should stampede : should it be regulated ? Should it be left to do ? Not so simple…

To answer this question, the firm’s experts Wavestone have studied and analyzed this phenomenon, at the international level in a point of view titled ” Regulator’s posture facing blockchain “.

This paper proposes a multi-sectoral analysis of impacts, exclusive interviews of experts, a review of many cases of uses of concrete and a projection on the immense potential of the Blockchain,…

An overview of the great lessons of the study :

The difference in maturity and innovation in the use cases between the finance sector and other sectors, mainly related to the regulatory obligations specific to financial services, needed, however, when one takes into consideration the experience of the Dark Web.
The emergence of real innovative ideas in sectors and countries with economies in full swing.
Controlled development of this protocol and its best use must be able to be enacted and carried by the Higher Authorities (Central government, Regulatory Authorities, Governments, Central Banks …)

“2016 was the year of the investment, 2017 will be the year of the industrialization of the phenomenon Blockchain” says Christine Wrucka, Associate Director in Financial Services at the Firm Wavetone.

“The first offspring of the protocol Blockchain was Bitcoin in 2008 : the family will expand in the years to come,” says Arnaud Péchoux, Senior Manager in Financial Services at the Firm Wavetone.

Our experts, Christine Wrucka and Arnaud Pechoux, are at your disposal to provide you with a lighting/analysis on this topic :

Christine WRUCKA

Computer training, Christine Wrucka is Associate Director in Financial Services with an expertise developed over 10 years in the making Board and Management of the Risks. It was a pilot-missions of regulatory compliance, audit, anti-fraud and conduct training courses on these subjects. She has developed a particular interest in the new methods and operators of payment, the Blockchain making it a natural part of this panorama.


Arnaud Pechoux is a Senior Manager in Financial Services. It manages large transformation projects for financial organisations, mutuals and the industry of the Retail industry. He is a specialist in the transformation to digital Customer Relationship and User. Within the firm, Wavestone, it driver the Lab Blockchain, as well as the initiative Chatbot from the Factory.

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