Bitcoin : “Even if the current rise, the bubble may not burst “

Forum. The question is not whether the bubble of bitcoin is going to explode, but rather when. Since its creation in 2009, bitcoin has the wind in its sails ; there is nothing that since the beginning of 2017, it has gained almost 400 % in value. Why is it also called ? First of all, it has the main characteristics of a currency, namely the portability, divisibility, security and relative reliability. It has an intrinsic value and seems to be able to solve the problem of confidence of banks (and their fees).

this is the cryptomonnaie the most used by start-ups looking for funding

Since it is a currency-neutral, users like the fact that it does not depend on a bank, but a network. The relative anonymity seems to be another advantage. Since little, it is the cryptomonnaie the most used by start-ups looking for funding – as an alternative to the Stock market.

Some risks and doubts on the bitcoin. First, who knows his true intentions ? There is no central instance which ensures its liquidity and its legitimacy. And it is still not the name of its creator. That tells us that this is not a huge scam ? Its reputation as a world currency has become precarious as China, India and Russia have announced plans to launch their own bitcoin. Finally, for the time being, a small part (0.01 percent) of the world’s population owns bitcoins.

Alternatives credible

Also, it is becoming increasingly difficult and costly, or even toxic to the economy and society, to create bitcoins. Even if the current rise, the bubble can not burst. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to wait for the crash, because credible alternatives do exist.

The reputation of the gold date of six thousand years, its intrinsic value is not going down really

Take the precious metals, like gold and silver, they represent a reserve of value and…

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