BIMobject AB: the Solar release Thermrad®range of digital objects on the BIMobject® Cloud

BIMobject® (“BIMobject”) provides Thermrad®series from the Danish sourcing and service company, Solar A/S (“Solar”) as BIM objects on the cloud platform BIMobject® Cloud. Solar is one of northern Europe’s leading sourcing and services company with operations primarily in the electricity, heating, PLUMBING and ventilation. As a long-term strategic partner and a shareholder in BIMobject leads solar’s launch of its Thermrad®-radiators such as digital, construction of the road in order to link the value of digital products and product information logistics. Solar’s products are published on the platform BIMobject® Cloud in may.

The decision to provide solar’s Thermrad®products on the BIMobject® Cloud is a result of collaboration between the two companies. Starting with the radiators out of the Thermrad®series provides BIMobject Solar the possibility to digitise the entire product catalog and make their components available for the over 400 000 BIM users exist on the platform BIMobject® Cloud, regardless of the product original supplier or manufacturer.

Thermrad®-panels installed design they can be mounted close to the wall, which increases the useful floor area. Thermrad® Super 8-the radiators have been equipped with eight connections, which creates four different possibilities for flexible installation either from the bottom or from the sides.

As a sourcing and service company, is Solar still unique among the 975 trademarks that currently are represented on the BIMobject® Cloud. Solar parts BIMobjects commitment to create comprehensive solutions that take into account factors such as traceability, product flow and installation from beginning of a construction project. In this spirit, it offers Solar and BIMobject users on the BIMobject® Cloud the ability to choose to the Sols courier service Solar Fastbox® when they select a BIM object from the company’s range and then have the actual product shipped with this service. Solar Fastbox® is originally a one-hour delivery service and a well-established concept in several countries.

“The launch of the solar’s products as BIM objects on the BIMobject® Cloud is the beginning of an exciting digitaliseringsresa. In many respects, the work of the Solar and BIMobject towards similar goals in different roles. To create effective solutions that are sustainable through the entire construction process for the benefit of all involved is a fundamental question for both of us, and Solar. And with the latest developments, we can realize a crucial part of our common vision”, says Stefan Larsson, CEO and founder of BIMobject.

“We are looking for joint business opportunities in the interface between BIMobject and Solar, and the first innovative step has now become a reality. With this complete product range, we make it possible to design and design a heating solution digital. Solar works for increase in productivity and we believe that the digital building can contribute to a more efficient process and reducing waste. That is why we stress the importance of including leveransaspekter already in the design phase”, says Hugo Dorph, Chief Commercial Officer at Solar.

If Solar A/S:

Solar Group is one of Europe’s leading sourcing and services company. The company’s core business revolves around the supply of goods, value-added services and the optimization of the solar’s customers ‘ operations. Solar Group has its headquarters in Denmark, had a turnover of approximately 11,1 billion DKK in the year 2016 and approximately 3 000 employees. Solar is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen since 1953 and operates under the trade name SOLAR B.

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About BIMobject AB:

BIMobject AB is with its cloud-based content management system for BIM objects, a “game changer” for the construction industry the world over.

BIMobject is an innovative technology companies is at the forefront of the digitisation of the construction products and materials. This by making available product information that can be converted into knowledge early in the BIM process. It makes it possible to industrialize the construction industry and have great influence over the design, product selection, construction, waste, energy, costs, quality and logistics.

Our unique solutions for manufacturers of building and interior products offers development, hosting, maintenance, administration, and publication of digital copies of the manufacturer’s products – BIM objects. The web services for digital marketing and pre-sales as the BIMobject Cloud offers, channelled and integrated, through apps, into CAD/BIM applications to create direct business relations and communication the world over.

BIM-objects integrated in the information model through the whole process and describes the building and its parts in detail, thereby increasing the chances to be prescribed for the products that are available in the BIMobject Cloud.

BIMobject® – Winner of the 2013 Red Herring 100 Global

BIMobject AB (publ) – Nasdaq Stockholm First North – Ticker: BIM

Later Fondkommission is the company’s Certified Adviser.

Solar release Thermrad®series on the BIMobject® Cloud

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