BIMobject AB: Publication of the interim report 1 for the years 2017 – more than doubling both turnover and sales compared with the same period of the previous year

BIMobject AB (BIMobject”) is publishing hereby the interim report for the period January – march 2017. Company more than doubles both the turnover and sales compared with the same period of the previous year. Sales during the first quarter of 2017 amounted to 13 158 THOUSAND, which means an increase of 132% compared with the same period of the previous year. The total sales during the first quarter of 2017 amounted to 21 251 THOUSAND, an increase of 160% compared with the corresponding period of the previous year.

BIMobject® now has more than 430 000 professional users worldwide and more than 38 000 families from over 970 manufacturers. The group’s strong growth follows the board’s strategy to prioritize growth over profitability. Business in Europe continued to be good and the group has good growth in most countries. The north american business has quickly built their new organization and shows good growth. It contributes with almost 50% of the total sales for the first quarter of 2017. In Asia have BIMobject, according to the plan, not had any invoiced volume during the quarter but is starting to build the network, with subsidiaries in Hong kong as a base. The full report is available as attached document and available on the company’s website ( Below is a summary of the report.

The first quarter

2017/01/01 – 2017/03/31

· The group’s net sales amounted to 13 158 (5 662) THOUSAND, which means an increase of 132% in comparison with the same period of the previous year. Total sales in the first quarter of 2017 amounted to 21 251 (8 164) THOUSAND, an increase of 160% compared with the corresponding period of the previous year.

· The parent company’s turnover amounted to 5 703 (2 989) THOUSAND, which represents an increase of 91% in comparison with the same period of the previous year.

· The group’s profit before tax amounted to sek -13 297 (-10 127) THOUSAND.

· Earnings per share* for the group amounted to -0,28 SEK before dilution/-0,27 $ diluted (loss: 0.47 $ /-0,46$).

· The group’s equity / assets ratio** as of 31 march 2017 to 84 (74)%.

Amounts in parentheses: Comparative period of the previous year.

* Net profit for the year divided by average number of shares. The average number of shares amounts to 47 747 971. Per 2017-03-31, the total number of shares to 51 717 254.

** Shareholders ‘ equity divided by total capital.

The CEO, Stefan Larsson comments

In the equally fast-paced as we finished last year, we have on the BIMobject® launched the new. In the beginning of 2017, we took over the Autodesk® Seek operations, which resulted in approximately 270 current customer contracts, which is expected to generate approximately sek 35 million in annual sales and that also provides great opportunities for additional sales. With the transfer of the Autodesk Seek operations, the ability to reach the BIMobject® Cloud from the search menu inside each Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD as well as the redirect of the domain to our portal has the number of newly registered users increased further.

The entire former team from Autodesk Seek has återetablerats. Together they will ensure the transition from all of the active projects and secure the relationship to the manufacturers. The team also contributes with an even wider knowledge of the north american operations.

The year began with further significant activity. At the end of January we took a huge step towards the continued expansion through the directed share issue of approximately 166.7 million kronor we carried out for Solar A/S. the Solar group is one of northern Europe’s leading sourcing and services company with operations primarily in the electricity, heating, PLUMBING and ventilation. Funds you raised, we can switch it up and focus on new markets with more sellers. We will also develop new innovations where we are linking the value of the digital products and product information with e-commerce, logistics, additive manufacturing, and new visualization techniques that support communication and know-how between several different roles.

During the period BIMobject also entered into a collaboration with Riksbyggen. Our common, overarching purpose is to increase digitisation in the Riksbyggens projektutvecklingsprocess. Therefore, implemented a pilot project where our solutions are used in an actual construction project. One of the objectives of the cooperation is to involve the suppliers ‘ digital construction earlier in the process. This contributes to better efficiency and cost control during the project and simplifies the management of changes and risks. Another aim of the cooperation is to use digital tools to streamline Riksbyggens way of working through the design, construction, and purchase and management. In our cooperation we will combine our solutions with the industry’s collective knowledge in order to take a substantial step forward in the development of the digital construction processes.

It is not only by Solar as we are on the BIMobject has broadened our ägarbas. White Mill has also been added as a partner in our company. I and the rest of the BIMobjects board sees great strategic value for our company and its continued growth at White Mill. The expansion of the owners are opening up to a further strengthening of our business and technology portfolio. The extended network and the opportunities it can give to BIMobject will create increased value for the company and thus of all shareholders. In light of these benefits, it is with great pleasure that I welcome the White Mill in aktieägarkretsen.

During the quarter, we also had time to form and initiate the activity of our French subsidiary BIMobject France SAS. France is a major industrial nation with a strong market for technology, architecture and design. Our ambition is to significantly expand our market share in France with the help of this local presence and thus take a further important strategic step in our growth in the market.

A particularly exciting time of year’s first quarter was the launch of our two Virtual Reality solutions: BIMobject® VR and BIMobject® S are two different solutions designed for manufacturers of construction products and BIM projects. Both give manufacturers the ability to use virtual technology to visualize their projects. By linking the Virtual Reality technology to the BIMobject® Cloud, we create unique features where all the digital items we already provide suddenly become available to a whole new dimension.

I believe that the developments during the quarter testifies to huge potential both for the rest of the year and BIMobjects future. We get the chance to show what we can do in the new challenges with our partners and expanding our global network in local markets. At the same time as our product launches continue to drive the technological development forward, we consolidate, also, the importance of the BIMobject® Cloud as a single reliable and current source of information for all stakeholders through the entire construction process. The advantages of our solutions are many, but the possibilities are limitless.

Malmö, 2017-05-31


Stefan Larsson

Executive director

Attached files:årsrapport-2017-01-01–2017-03-31.pdf

For more information, please contact the

Louise Otto – press contact

Tel: +46 40 – 685 29 00


This information is such information that BIMobject AB is obliged to publish under the EU marknadsmissbruksförordning and the law on the securities market. The information was submitted, by the above contact person in the government, for publication on 31 may 2017 there 08:45 CEST.

About BIMobject AB:

BIMobject AB is with its cloud-based content management system for BIM objects, a “game changer” for the construction industry the world over.

BIMobject is an innovative technology companies is at the forefront of the digitisation of the construction products and materials. This by making available product information that can be converted into knowledge early in the BIM process. It makes it possible to industrialize the construction industry and have great influence over the design, product selection, construction, waste, energy, costs, quality and logistics.

Our unique solutions for manufacturers of building and interior products offers development, hosting, maintenance, administration, and publication of digital copies of the manufacturer’s products – BIM objects. The web services for digital marketing and pre-sales as the BIMobject Cloud offers, channelled and integrated, through apps, into CAD/BIM applications to create direct business relations and communication the world over.

BIM-objects integrated in the information model through the whole process and describes the building and its parts in detail, thereby increasing the chances to be prescribed for the products that are available in the BIMobject Cloud.

BIMobject® – Winner of the 2013 Red Herring 100 Global

BIMobject AB (publ) – Nasdaq Stockholm First North – Ticker: BIM

Later Fondkommission is the company’s Certified Adviser.

BIMobject AB: Publication of the interim report 1 for 2017


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