BIMobject AB: BIMobject introduces the ETIM standard in the BIMobject® Cloud

BIMobject AB (BIMobject”) today announces that the international klassificeringsstandarden the ETIM for the technical products have been integrated into the digital content platform BIMobject® Cloud, in close cooperation with Solar A/S (“Solar”). ETIM-classification and standardisation of product information, and streamlines its use between different systems, which simplifies the integration of products in the supply chain.

For the cloud platform BIMobject® Cloud represents the introduction of the ETIM standard is the next step towards more integration capabilities for e-commerce solutions. The Danish sourcing and service company, Solar is already using the rating model the ETIM in its e-trading system, and acting now the pioneer of the standard on the cloud platform. The company is the first of the brands that are represented on the BIMobject® Cloud, which absorb the advantages of using this international code at the world’s largest platform for BIM objects.

The ETIM standard is a form of product classification is used in order to standardize the information and improve the efficiency of its exchange and use. The standard has been created by the non-profit trade association ETIM International. The classification creates the necessary structure to standardized product data to be exchanged in a uniform manner via the communication standards and can be used in a number of applications. Basically resting the ETIM on a code assigned to each product and is used in computer-to-computer communication. With the help of the list of materials can this code, which corresponds to a specific BIM objects, to be lifted directly into an erp system.

In the construction industry are klassificeringsstandarden particularly interesting for manufacturers of electrical and PLUMBING products. Manufacturers will be able to classify all the custom product catalog according to the standard by assigning to each product a ETIM-code.

The introduction of the ETIM standard consolidates and contributes to the BIMobject® Cloud’s role as a so-called Single Source of Truth, thus a single source of information with synchronized updates. To have such a source of information with reliable up to date information presents a number of advantages that become increasingly important with the digitalization is on the rise. The uniform flow of information means that the cost overruns due to spills and errors when ordering is reduced. At the same time, improve the communication between the different roles and skills along the entire supply chain, like logistics. The medianeutrala the data also allows kataloghanteringen optimized.

The addition of ETIM-standard cloud platform also means that all digital products that are created with the help of BIMobject®solutions, which BIMscript® & LENA, will automatically be provided with the ETIM standard as part of the development process. In addition, the manufacturers themselves to be able to update their existing content on the BIMobject® Cloud with the ETIM-codes. And with the 12 million BIM objects that users have already downloaded can be updated through the version control, the unique call home feature and the different BIMobject® Apps. This demonstrates once again the importance of having a platform that can manage data in a flow without interruption, and illustrates why manufacturers need to be able to provide their BIM objects at a single, central platform.

The users on the BIMobject® Cloud will be able to filter the products according to the ETIM standard and extract the resulting additional dimension of high-quality information.

ETIM-standard will be delivered through the solution BIMobject® Properties. It is here that the code becomes visible for the manufacturers. BIMobject® Properties sets the future standards for the extended properties, also called parameters or metadata. With solution using, the manufacturers can add features that just the rating system in an intelligent and individually configurable way.

No costs arise for any of the parties involved.

“BIMobject is an excellent example of how the uniform ETIM-standard can be utilized in the innovative products from the solution providers in order to provide users with powerful solutions,” said Marc Habets, Technical Director at the ETIM International.

“This is yet another occasion when BIMobject and Solar strengthens its strategic cooperation in the digital construction industry in order to create a more efficient process and eliminate waste. We believe in standardization and optimization, and therefore see great value in using the ETIM-classification”, says Hugo Dorph, Chief Commercial Officer (COO) on the Solar.

“The ETIM standard introduction on the BIMobject® Cloud shows how valuable the collaboration is in our industry. Thanks to the knowledge that Solar contributed, we could at BIMobject quickly implement the ETIM on our platform. It will benefit manufacturers, suppliers, and the industry in general. Standards must be easy to access and to use as a self-evident and natural integral part of the process. It is what we offer in the form of our solution, by providing all of the open standards at the same time on a single platform”, says Stefan Larsson, CEO and founder of BIMobject.

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About BIMobject AB:

BIMobject AB is with its cloud-based content management system for BIM objects, a “game changer” for the construction industry the world over.

BIMobject is an innovative technology companies is at the forefront of the digitisation of the construction products and materials. This by making available product information that can be converted into knowledge early in the BIM process. It makes it possible to industrialize the construction industry and have great influence over the design, product selection, construction, waste, energy, costs, quality and logistics.

Our unique solutions for manufacturers of building and interior products offers development, hosting, maintenance, administration, and publication of digital copies of the manufacturer’s products – BIM objects. The web services for digital marketing and pre-sales as the BIMobject Cloud offers, channelled and integrated, through apps, into CAD/BIM applications to create direct business relations and communication the world over.

BIM-objects integrated in the information model through the whole process and describes the building and its parts in detail, thereby increasing the chances to be prescribed for the products that are available in the BIMobject Cloud.

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BIMobject introduces the ETIM standard in the BIMobject® Cloud

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