Beware of account managers forex

The scams are numerous on the foreign exchange market and to guard against a lack of cooperation it is important to know how to identify it.
Today we will discuss the question of the account managers forex, if some are reliable, others are much less.

The scam managers of forex account usually begins in the following way : you open a trading account with a broker is unscrupulous, is a broker who is not under regulation, and an advisor offers you to go through its account management service. If it picks up for you a beginning of interest, it will put you in contact with a trader house.

The latter then returns to you, introducing himself as an employee of the company, which offers brokerage on forex. Usually after he released the big game in order to awaken in you the lure of gain. He is a trader, a veteran who has never lost, it is at least 20% of profits per year, in brief, it is a champion of trading. You said then that its services are not accessible to all, and to support the management of your account, you have to deposit a minimum amount in your account, often with several thousands of euros.
Once the funds are deposited, two scenarios are emerging : is this trader you to earn money quickly and encourage you to drop even more and in a minimum of time to rack up even more profits, whether it starts with losing the money and asks you to perform a new repository with often the key to a bonus for the pill to work better. As you can see, the objective of these two techniques is to get you to deposit still more money.

When the trader that manages your account does not get anything from you, or that you make doubts, it will shave your trading account in less time than it takes to say, and you will unfortunately not have the time to react. Oddly enough after, it will not respond neither to e-mails or over the telephone, and your funds will be permanently lost.

To avoid this kind of disappointment, we recommend that you choose a broker that conducts its activity under the authorization (FCA, ACPR, CySEC, etc). In the event of a dispute, you have recourse available.

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