Belgium : SPIE in charge of facilities engineering climate of the headquarters of Materialise in Leuven

Brussels, June 1, 2017 – SPIE Belgium, a subsidiary of the SPIE group, independent european leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has initiated the beginning of march in Leuven, the work related to the installations of climate engineering in the new buildings of the world leader in 3D printing, Materialise.

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The world Leader in additive manufacturing also known under the name of ” 3D-printing “, Materialise was established in 1990. From its headquarters located in Leuven, Belgium, Materialise has many branches across the world and enjoys an excellent reputation as a software vendor providing innovative solutions. Over the years, Materialise has made its 3D applications accessible in areas as diverse as health care, automotive, aerospace, art, design, and consumer goods.

At the end of 2016, Materialise has made a call to SPIE Belgium to entrust a new mission. The successful experience of an earlier collaboration, the excellent references acquired by the subsidiary of the SPIE group on projects of similar nature (offices, production units) and very good contacts have been established between the two partners have been decisive factors in the choice of Materialise.

SPIE Belgium was launched at the beginning of march in Leuven, the work related to facilities of environmental engineering and health, which is expected to be completed in July. They include the placement of pipes, respectively, the PPR* and in steel for the ventilation and heating, as well as the introduction of refrigerating machines, heaters, fans, hot air generators and chillers in air. In the framework of this mission, SPIE Belgium will also put a solar collector to the sanitary facilities. In order to respect the time-constrained, SPIE will be brought to préfabriquer some parts of the facilities in its own workshops.

This contract is further evidence of the expertise of SPIE in the area of climate engineering, the acuity of his technical knowledge and his great capacity of adaptation. Roland Umans, Project Manager at SPIE Belgium, said : “We have proposed to Materialise a very practical approach that has seduced from the outset : we have studied the existing facilities and identified the best way to optimize them. The results of our comprehensive study are reflected in the new facilities that we are putting in place. This method of working constructively allows us to maintain very good contacts not only with the end customer, Materialise, but also with the office of education.”

*Random polypropylene : material neutral characterized by its high resistance.

About SPIE Belgium

Subsidiary of the SPIE group, independent european leader in multi-technical services, SPIE Belgium provides a service of proximity and a diversified offering to its clients in sectors of industry, tertiary and infrastructures. With more than 1,700 employees and 13 branches in Belgium and 1 in Luxembourg, SPIE Belgium is an integrator of solutions and services in the areas of electrical and mechanical engineering and climate, energy, and communication networks.

With nearly 600 sites in 38 countries and 38 000 employees, SPIE is realized, in 2016, a consolidated turnover of 5.1 billion euros and an EBITA statement for 352 million euros.

On his segment “North-Western Europe,” 9, 900 people from 90 sites, the SPIE group has completed in 2016 a turnover of 1.37 billion euros.

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