“Being a subscriber to Netflix, this is to be part of a community “

It is an admission that look like those collected on the couch : Netflix killed the television dad, if we are to believe the nearly 300 testimonies gathered following a call launched on Lemonde.fr. Christophe Capeyron was a stalwart of Channel+ for more than twenty years : a pay-tv channel that his parents were customers since its establishment on 4 November 1984. At the time, it was the phenomenon of the French audiovisual landscape, including Netflix, with its series stars such as Narcos, Dark, or La Casa de Papel, is the for, thirty years later.

“Binge-watching “, ” binge-racing “, ” Netflix-cheating “

When Mr. Capeyron, sales executive, living in Epinal, has chosen the platform american, he has programmed the end of the link ” family “, Canal+ : in September, when its subscription expires. “We no longer look Channel, only the replay survives in the house. “The passage of generations… that is what also think Thomas Ladouce, a school teacher of 35 years. A new era is committed to : before, it was “programs that do not interest me for the most part (reality tv, etc), all interspersed with pubs more and more numerous” ; ” TV programs that do not start at the hour and therefore a movie that ends around 23 hours.” It is now the era of binge-watching, which is to finish watching a series in the week following the start of viewing, binge-racing – finish in twenty-four hours every season since its release, the Netflix-cheating – watch episodes only then that we began as a couple…

“When I want, what I want, where I want “

Finished, therefore, the imposed schedules of the linear television, it is now possible to be the master of screens, at home or outside, with all sorts of screens. In total, Netflix is compatible with 1 700 types…

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