Barnier negotiated not if the UK does not recognise a liability.

The uk must recognise that they have liabilities to the EU budget, which must be paid. Otherwise can not brexitförhandlingarna start at all.

It said EUROPEAN commission chief Michel Barnier at a press conference on Wednesday ahead of next week’s round of negotiations.

”How can you build a lasting future relationship if you can’t trust the other party?” he asked.

”It’s not about a ransom, not some sort of punishment or an exit charge. It is simply financial obligations that we as 28 countries have decided on together,” he said.

The idea is that the 27 remaining EU countries and the Uk should first agree on a method for calculating the uk liability. Only later in the negotiations, the methodology should be used to calculate the total cost – which is expected to be a politically sensitive issue in the Uk.

The chief negotiator also urged the Uk to put forward positions on the issues to be negotiated in the first phase – relating to the exit. The EU has presented nine position papers and Uk no.

”We need to know where we agree and where we disagree so that we can start to converge towards agreements,” he said.

The negotiations on the withdrawal relating to the three areas: the british debt to the EU budget, citizens ‘ rights and the border between Nordilrland and Ireland.

Michel Barnier, the british counter-proposal on the citizens ‘ rights. It would not allow EU citizens who currently reside in the united kingdom to continue to live their life is like now. British citizens who live in for example Spain would have more rights, he said.

EU27 want the court to be the final guarantor to the rights of EUROPEAN citizens in the Uk is maintained, in which the british government opposes.

The uk’s decision to withdraw from the international fiskekonventionen does not affect the uk’s duties to other EU countries. The convention has been replaced legally by the EU common fisheries policy, said the chief negotiator.

Michel Barnier will hold meetings with other british politicians, as Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon and Wales, the prime minister Carwyn Jones.

But negotiating is he doing , just with the british government, he stressed.

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