Bankin’ revealed the ranking of the banks according to the bank charges and launches a feature d…

Bankin’ reveals the bank account fees actually paid by the French, coupled with a study of satisfaction.

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The largest independent study conducted in France on this topic.

The French pay an average of 229€ for bank charges/year !

The application leader for the management of personal finance continues its development of
“coach” financial and initiates a tracking feature of bank charges

Paris, may 31, 2017 – Bankin’ is revolutionising the management of bank accounts through a free mobile app that simplifies the management of money in everyday life. It offers an intelligent view on the accounts, the items of expenditure and monthly budgets.

3 banks in a row on the podium
Bankin’ reveals the largest study of independent and non-declarative on bank charges in France, a survey of 300,000 people between January and December 2016. In parallel to this study of funding, the startup has conducted a satisfaction survey of 7000 people, each with assigned a score out of 5 in his bank through 2 questions : would you Recommend your bank to a friend ? and Note the relationship with your bank advisor

The combination of these two studies determines the ranking of the best banks in france (60 in total).
The three banks in line to complete the podium : n°1 Fortuneo, n°2 BforBank and n°3 ING Live.
Three traditional banks include the top 10 : Axa Banque, Crédit Mutuel and la Banque Postale.

To view the complete ranking list :

The approach of Bankin’ on video :

229€ : average annual charges paid by the French
The study also reveals that 46% of the French pay more than 150€ in bank fees per year and they represent the most important part of the distribution. They are only 4% to pay no fees and 12% to pay between 0 and 19€ per year.
The annual average of the bank charges of the French in 2016 amounts to 229€.

A new feature of tracking charges for the users
Bankin’ today announced the launch of the feature ” Coach “, which started in February with the arrival of the transfer. Now, users can consult all the advice of their coach digital in the news thread dedicated to it. Among these tips, they will find the feature that reveals their bank charges recognized in 2016 (phased rollout), but also notifications enriched, various tips and instructional content to help them best manage their money every day.

The application is thus able to calculate the costs of the user and then the guide to facilities cheaper and/or better-rated. It is even possible, directly from the application, to initiate a pre-opening of account with Fortuneo, ING Direct, BforBank and Monabanq. Other banks are expected to be added in the coming months.
The ranking of the best banks is available since the feature ” Coach “, available at any time by the users.

“As an actor independent of the banks, it seemed to us essential to inform concretely our users costs which are applied but not always identified. This new feature integrates seamlessly with the evolution of the application towards a role of “coach” financial, started few months ago with the launch of the transfer, ” says Joan Burkovic, CEO and co-founder of Bankin’.

“Our only leit motiv is to bring more transparency to our users, and provide them with adequate tools so that they can make the best possible choices in the management of their money,” complete Joan Burkovic, CEO and co-founder of Bankin’.

About Bankin’
Established in 2011, Bankin’ is revolutionising the management of bank accounts through a mobile application, which simplifies and clarifies, finally, the management of money. It offers an intelligent view on the bank accounts and the items of expenditure (automatic categorization), as well as on the monthly budgets. She can also control her money thanks to a forecast of the balance of month-end and automatic alerting on the risks discovered. If Bankin’ is able to aggregate multiple accounts of different banks, the application is also addressed to holders of accounts in a single bank (approximately 65% of its users). The ambition of Bankin’ is to offer every european the first personal adviser and digital independent banks to easily manage their money. The application is connected to more than 350 financial institutions in Europe and available in France, UK, Spain and Germany. In total, Bankin’ has raised $ 8.4 million euros, including from Generation NewTech, Omnes Capital and CommerzVentures. Joan Burkovic, co-founder of Bankin’ alongside Robin Dauzon, has also co-founded the institution in France Fintech and is the spokesperson for the group of aggregators European banking. It is today one of the major exponents of FinTech in

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