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On may 16, 2017 – The APIC contributes to the recognition of the profession of intermediary in credits and PLANET BROKER federates the insurance intermediaries (independent and wholesalers).

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The network of brokers become the natural interlocutor of the representative associations of its concept global. It is a guarantee of credibility for all of its brokers which validates the Group in its role as an intermediary in banking and insurance.

“The membership of these two major organs of the intermediation ensures compliance with new regulations applicable to our brokers, credit and insurance,” stresses the founder Tarek Bessayah.

About The APIC
Created in 2010, the APIC (Association of Professional Intermediaries in Credits) has been founded by historical leaders of the brokerage credits in France, CAFPI,, and AB Brokerage. The APIC today brings together all the diversity of the crafts IOBSP, large and small signs, in the areas of real estate credit, consumer credit, consolidation, credit, professional financing and insurance borrower. It represents, through its members that it accompanies in the understanding and application of the new professional constraints, more than 60 % of the brokerage credits in France. After having participated in the drafting of the act of 22 October 2010 regulating the status of intermediary in banking transactions and payment services (IOBSP), the APIC has become the privileged interlocutor of the public authorities and european authorities and work to ensure balance and safety between the business relationship with the clients and their protection as a consumer. The conditions of access to the profession, regulated in France since 2013, and in the course of harmonisation within the European Union, have allowed us to finally register the trades represented by the APIC in the circuit of the bank distribution and its players the new “trusted third party” borrowers. For more information :

Independent in the soul, insurance brokers have a common goal : to make their voices heard, to extend their reach. This ambition was born the French Union of Insurance Brokerage, PLANET, BROKER, single employers ‘ organisation for all the typologies of exercise of the profession of insurance broker, to be fairly represented regardless of their size. For more information :

European group for brokerage, he works with contractors on different stages of their projects, training in the start-up business. The one-stop hyperactivity with the bank, insurance, and real estate, brings a real added value to its brokers and their clients. is the leader in France in the sector of brokerage hyperactivity and multi-service, thanks to the richness and relevance of its offer :, and The Group has more than 40 dealers in France and is present in several countries : United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Morocco. It is focused on building a brokerage network international.
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