Baidu prepares to welcome freshly Google in China

After eight years of absence, the return of Google in China, in the form of an application or a filtered version of its search engine, seems to be taking shape. And if neither the u.s. company nor Beijing have confirmed this information, the host committee is already in place.

The first words of welcome, mi-figue mi-raisin, from one of its potential competitors, Robin Li, founder of Baidu, the search engine most used in the world’s second largest economy. On his account: on Tuesday, August 7, he had this sentence, such words of challenge launched by the boxers at the weigh-in : “If Google is back on the market, we will conquer once again with real weapons. “Mr. Li has had to resort to a phrase commonly used by fans of video games :” PK ” (player killer). There have been words of welcome more cordial…

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But the founder of Baidu was mainly explained – in a message intended originally for his friends, which was then broadcast on the chinese sites – that today the market had evolved significantly and that the technology companies of the Middle kingdom had nothing to fear from their us counterparts, because they are on the cutting edge in the field of innovation and service to the users : “The Baidu today is already a company with a strength and powerful influence of the world in the field of artificial intelligence. “He also pointed out that the chinese giant had developed many partnerships with foreign nationals, including Google.

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