Axian joined Adenia Capital and develops its investments with promising companies …

Antananarivo, 30 may 2017 – The group Axian today announced its entry into the capital of Adenia Capital (IV) to the tune of 12 million euros, an investment fund created in 2016 by the management company of a private equity fund Adenia Partners. This commitment is a new illustration of its commitment to supporting the most promising companies in Africa.

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By entering the capital of Adenia Capital (IV), Axian joined 29 investors, of which 9 are development finance institutions (Development Financial Institutions – DFI) 8 pension funds and 12 family offices. With an investment of 12 million, Axian became one of the main private investors of the merits on the side of institutional investors including the european investment Bank and the International Finance Corporation.

This investment reflects the will of the group Axian act in favor of the economic growth of the african continent. Thanks to this commitment, Axian fully participates in the success of businesses of tomorrow.

This contribution in Adenia Capital (IV) will support the development of african enterprises in low-or mid-capitalization in the economic sectors varied in their providing financial support where such businesses are often faced with difficulties of access to capital. Adenia, for example, has already invested in businesses booming ivorian, ghanaian, but also the malagasy such as Opham.

Hassanein Hiridjee, the group’s CEO Axian, said : “We are pleased and proud to contribute to the development of businesses which ideas will structure tomorrow’s economic fabric of africa. We share with Adenia the same values of solidarity and integrity, as well as a common concern for the social and environmental issues and for inclusive development. These are the values that we want to share the future with the businesses that we assist. ”

About Adenia Partners
Adenia Partners is a fund management company of venture capital investment, specialized in the accompaniment of the most promising technology companies in sub-saharan Africa, whose endowment currently stands at 230 million euros. The capital investor based in Mauritius, founded and led since 2002 by Antoine Delaporte has spread his investments across the four funds, which were created respectively in 2003 Adenia Capital, 2007 to Adenia Capital II, 2012 for Adenia Capital III and 2016 for Adenia Capital IV, and in a variety of economic sectors : agro-food, manufacturing industry, financial services, information technology & telecommunications, tourism and health.

About Axian
Axian is a family group franco malagasy, belonging to the family Hiridjee, implemented in Madagascar for the past 150 years. Axian is present in several sectors, the economic engines in the development and growth of Madagascar, through companies that are leaders in their field of activity: energy with Jovenna and EDM, the financial services with BNI Madagascar and MVOLA, the real estate with First Estate; and telecommunications with Telma, TOM, TRM, and TELCO. With $ 515 million in sales in 2015, $ 800 million of investment over the past ten years and more than 4,000 employees in the indian ocean, Axian to focus on areas structuring, and performs transformations in the depths with the constant concern to respond to the concerns and needs of the country, businesses, and citizens. Axian carries out its activity as a management company of all assets and interests held by the family Hiridjee of Madagascar and in the Indian ocean.

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