Avanquest changes name to become Claranova

Paris, France – may 15, 2017. The Board of directors of Avanquest, represented by its President, Pierre Cesarini, has decided to record the end of the transformation of the Group by offering to the shareholders at the Extraordinary General Meeting of June 7, 2017, to vote on the name change of the Group, a symbol of this renewal.

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The proposed name is Claranova. “Clara,” which evokes the clarity, visibility, and “nova” for technological innovation, and new uses are : two key components of the new company, instilled by Pierre Cesarini. To Pierre Cesarini, ” This new identity, Claranova, act the entry of the Group into a new phase which is inscribed in the continuity of our strategy, initiated three years ago to rebuild the group Avanquest around three projects, each with its specificity and its dynamics. It will allow a better steering of the business model of each of its divisions in order to improve the valuation in line with our strategy of value creation “.

The name change is accompanied by the clarification of the structures of the Group, also submitted to a vote of shareholders, with the subsidiarization of the software business in a new entity referred to as Avanquest Software (100% owned).

At the end of the meeting, and after adoption of the resolutions, the Group became Claranova will be organized around three structures that reflect its three business headlights :

– PlanetArt, the world leader in printing photos on mobile via its application called FreePrints and his new book-photos, Photobooks, in full swing ;
– myDevices for the Internet of things (IoT, Internet of Things) in which he invested the large american group of semiconductor SemTech ;
– Avanquest Software in which the economic model is evolving towards the monetization of Internet audiences.

Next communication :
Annual turnover 2016/2017 : August 9, 2017
Telephone line dedicated to individual shareholders : 0 811 04 59 391 from Tuesday to Thursday from 14h to 16h.

About Avanquest :
Global player in the Internet and mobile, Avanquest is one of the few French groups in the sector to achieve more than 100 million euros of turnover, of which more than half in the United States. Under the leadership of its President, Pierre Cesarini, Avanquest has operated a reorientation tratégique focuses on three areas of activity – digital printing through its new division, PlanetArt, the management of the internet of things through its division myDevices and finally its activity of e-commerce through its division of Avanquest Software :

– PlanetArt : the world leader in print-on-mobile, in particular through its offer FreePrints – the cheapest solution and the easiest in the world to print his pictures from his smartphone – FreePrints has already conquered more than 5 million customers, turnover in continuous growth since its launch ;

– myDevices : platform global management of the Internet of things (IoT), enabling businesses to large enterprises, whatever their sector of activity, to develop and quickly deploy a solution to IoT for their customers ;

– Avanquest Software : 1 worldwide distributor of software to third parties. Avanquest Software sells every year more than one million software through its websites and points of sale across the world.

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