Autonomous car : an engineer puts a spoke in the wheel of Google

Eric Swildens is not an intellectual property lawyer and pay up to $ 1,000 (872 euros) per hour. It comes nevertheless to the better of Google before the USPTO, the u.s. patent office. In mid-September, he gave a favourable reply to its request for reconsideration, reversing almost all of a patent obtained in 2013 by the search engine. “It should never have been granted,” Mr. Swildens, when asked by the site Ars Technica.

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Waymo and Uber settle amicably their dispute over the autonomous car

This patent relates to a printed circuit board used in the design of the lidar, the system of lasers that enables cars without the driver in the mapping of the environment and the obstacles in real-time. He has played a central role in the court battle that has pitted until the beginning of the year Waymo, a subsidiary of Google, and Uber. The platform of cars with drivers was accused of stealing industrial secrets, through the recruitment of a former engineer of Google.

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