Autolib’ : a fiasco to the shared responsibilities

Editorial of the ” World “. Freedom has a price. The partners of Autolib’, the car-sharing service of electric power which would “free up” the movement of ile-de-france, come to the bitter experience. The operator, Bolloré group, and one of the major licensors, the Mayor of Paris, realized that they were not ready to assume the 293,7 million of losses that the fleet of small cars grey would be generated by 2023. While the two sides reject the responsibility for this fiasco, the Syndicat mixte Autolib’ Velib’ Metropole (SAVM) decided, Thursday, June 21, to rescind the contract that linked them.

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Autolib’ will stop, but at a date still unknown

The agreement presented in 2011 as a “win-win” has transformed seven years later into a ” lose-lose “. For Bolloré, Autolib’ was supposed to be a global showcase for his battery technology, that it’s trying to compete with the other manufacturers of electric vehicles. For the city of Paris, it was providing a transport service alternative to both innovative and low polluting, when the car is no longer in the odor of sanctity in urban areas.

At the wrong time

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