Auto, home, health insurers do enter the connected objects in homes

In April, the shops of the brand Optic 2000 will offer a product unusual on their shelves : – glasses, ” smart “, in which the sensors are able to detect the drowsiness of drivers and thus preventing road accidents.

This new connected object, designed by the start-up niçoise Ellcie Healthy, has attracted the attention of an insurer. Generali France will offer its customers. The support platform the company will launch a test in the spring, in order to alert by phone the drivers drowsy, guide them to a resting place or a hotel, or book a taxi.

All French insurers have in their boxes offers stamped ” connected objects “. The big night of fares health or self-measure, calculated based on data collected from clients, has certainly not taken place. But the sector wants to integrate this connectivity in its guarantees, to diversify in the prevention.

Generali was the first to take a position in France on the market of connected health. Since January 1, 2017, its enterprise clients, which have subscribed to a complementary health collective, are able to offer their staff access to an insurance program behavioral, ” Vitality “. The employee who wishes to integrate it needs to assess its power, its mode of life, his or her health through an online questionnaire, and then it is offered personalized goals. If he reached, he accumulates points which entitle them to purchase in several high street names.

“A retention tool ”

A year after having broken a taboo, by introducing a system of rewards linked to the mode of life, the insurer recognizes that ” the implementation takes time “. The 100,000 client companies of Generali France, 1 800 have chosen to enter in the Vitality program, but 2 700 employees, only, have agreed to participate.


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