At Versailles, a tribute to the “decision-makers who really count” of the world economy

Companies. In his great essay on the process of civilization, the Rise of The West (1969), the German sociologist Norbert Elias (1897-1990) has shown that the accumulation and the monopolistic concentration of resources is an act of constant companies. It eliminates the competition between holders of power premises until the onset of the great feudal lords, themselves overtaken eventually by one of their own, which establishes a dominant power and bureaucracy by centralizing it resources and budgets.

Has this law of concentration is during an act of social disintegration, in term of which the central power declines and dissolves in countless local authorities in competition with each other, until the emerging of new levels, féodalités and finally a new cycle of concentration.

Norbert Elias, examines in particular the historical dynamics that gave rise to feudalism French from the Eleventh century, and the competition war between noble introducing the power of the great feudal lords that shared power and resources until one of them, the king of France, by force and by skill, take the ascendant, and founded the national State.

“The court society ”

It was Louis XIV who completed this concentration, the Sun King around which all the ” big “had now to revolve in what Elias calls” the court society “. In 1682, his physical center was established at the chateau de Versailles, intended to put in scene the organised power around a king who could say : “The State is me “, and to the great lords : “Your subjects are my subjects. “

When, three centuries later, on January 22, 2018, Emmanuel Macron invited to Versailles to one hundred and forty patrons from around the world to a lunch with his government, the force ratio is reversed. These new ” big ” run the business the…

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