At a loss closing in Europe

Weak start after London, with the exception of the closing not nice been on Friday the major european stock market indices.

The pan-european FTSE eurofirst 300 index was 0,21 percent loss, the euro EuroStoxx50 index 0.01 percent profit on the trade end.

The non-official data, according to the london’s FTSE-100 index 0,14 percent profit, the frankfurt DAX index 0,06 percent loss, the paris CAC-40 index 0,23 percent decline to finish the trade. Madrid 0,20 percent, Milan 0,39 percent reduction closed.

The price of oil nearly three percent Friday, two factors coincide. On the one hand, OPEC production in June this year summit decided, on the other hand, a rise in american oil production over the last week. The market, however, ignored that the us crude oil stocks January to its lowest level since dropped in the last week.

The european stock markets prior to the closing of the Brent crude oil 2,95% standing lower the global trade per barrel 46,69 on the dollar, the WTI and up to 2.99 percent lower 44,16$.

The price of gold since march, the lowest decrease on Friday. The futures market on the nearest contract subscription of 1,03% per ounce 1210,65 dollars decreased.

The dollar strengthened, the euro weakened on Friday. The major currencies with the basket against the u.s. dollar index, a 0.31 percent rise of the euro index of 0.08 percent. The euro 0,30 per cent was recorded weaker 1,1389 dollars.

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