Appointment to the Group executive Board : Adrien Westermann, Director of Marketing and Communications

Bluelinea, operator objects and connected services dedicated to the home care of frail and dependent, announces the Board of directors of Adrien Westermann, Director of Marketing & Communication of the Group.

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Co-Founder of the company, Adrien Westermann now heads up the Communications team, Marketing and Customers Relationship. It has the objective to optimize the visibility of the company among the general public, to make it more readable the offers of the Group and thus contribute to the increase in the number of customers, individuals and professionals alike.

29-year-old and fully invested over the last four years in the development of the company, of which he is one of the historical shareholders, Adrien Westermann joined the executive Board of Bluelinea comprised now of :

Laurent Levasseur, President of the management Board
Sophie de Beaudéan, chief Financial officer
Xavier Corbin, Business Manager
David Guyard, Director Innovations & Services
Adrien Westermann, Director Of Marketing & Communication
For Laurent Levasseur, President of the management Board : “Adrian comes to enrich naturally a management team strengthened during the last 12 months and will bring an extra dynamism to carry out all the ambitious projects of Bluelinea. ”

Next appointment : Publication of turnover for the 1st half of 2017
on Wednesday 26 July 2017, before the stock Exchange.

About Bluelinea : Twitter : @Bluelinea

“Prolonging the life expectancy in good health “, this is the goal of Bluelinea, the first SilverTech listed on the Euronext stock market (ALBLU – FR0011041011). By its platform, listening 24h24 and its bouquet of services connected BlueHomeCare®, the company is positioned as the advisor of the families at home to accompany them day and night.

Today, more than 18,000 individuals and trust offers innovative Bluelinea. Pack Young Senior to start his retirement up to the nursing home connected to, of bids Call Button Family at the bracelet of autonomy for people with Alzheimer’s disease, Bluelinea innovates by proposing solutions adapted to each situation of life. New type of operator of the home, the company responds to a triple challenge : to protect the fragile and dependent, assist caregivers and help caregivers.

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