Appointment : Julien Delmouly, deputy Delegate general of the FIRIP

The FIRIP, which continues its sustained development with more than 180 members to date, is pleased to announce the arrival of Julien Delmouly, to the position of deputy Delegate general for that she has created to enhance its activity.

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At 35 years of age, the albigensians of origin, a graduate of the ESIEE Management, has already a strong experience in the digital development of the territory, and particularly in the corporate market and the Internet of things (IoT), in which one of the variations, the Smart City is of great interest to the FIRIP.
In fact, he began his career by contributing to the transformation of e-téra, operator on the wholesale market, retail operator in the market business. Then he joined Arcep in 2011 as the head of the mission within the unit in charge of the market company, before becoming vice president in 2014. From April 2016, it had become the assistant unit operators and legal obligations of the Authority, more specifically topics related to the IoT and OTT services (“Over The Top “).

Experienced in the market analysis and the drafting of reports sharp, Julien Delmouly, comes directly to support the action of Hervé Rasclard, the current Delegate-general of the FIRIP to animate the working groups and the meetings of the territorial of the Russian federation, take charge of the drafting of the reports, studies, or other public consultations the FIRIP meets regularly, establish new partnerships and provide formal representations to the instances of the sector.

Impressed by the progression of the FIRIP since its creation, and thus by the performance of his team, yet restricted, the new general Delegate, is looking forward to invest fully in ” a structure become essential and enables it to live in a sector of economic importance.”

About the FIRIP :
Created on December 6, 2012 the Federation of Industrial Networks of Public Initiative (FIRIP), includes more than 180 companies, a turnover of 2 billion euros in 2016 in the RIP, representing 8.100 direct jobs in the various trades of the value chain of the RIP.
It demonstrates the economic importance of this new branch which wishes to participate actively in the Great project of the deployment of the THD estimated at more than € 20 billion by 2022, which is funded by the Public and the Private. The federation also wants to help in the promotion of the trades of the fibre deployment, and the qualification expertise necessary for the implementation of high speed broadband.
The FIRIP is the questioner Industrial Mission France very high speed, she is a member of the Strategic Committee of the Digital Sector, and showcases the tremendous impact of the deployment of the optical Fiber on the economy and on employment.
The Federation, develops constructive partnerships and non-exclusive with the set of institutional actors, the technical, the Regulator and the major economic players in the telecommunications sector, in order to contribute to the development of this sector. Cf.

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