Apple renews its iPad Pro and Macbook Air

Once is not custom : Tuesday, October 30, Apple has not revealed its products from its headquarters in the form of a ring, in California, but since a theatre of Brooklyn, in the State of New York. A burst of new tablets top of the range has been announced, accompanied by computers and laptops at the prices always more heavy.
Two new iPad Pro

The gap between the tablets, Apple basic, charged 360 euros, and their declension top of the range, are now three times more expensive. To mark their difference, the new iPad Pro have planed down the margins that surround their screen, which gives them a line particularly pleasing to the eye. Their edges of the screen are now clearly thinner than those of the main competing tablets signed Huawei, Samsung, and Microsoft. Remains to be seen whether the comfort in the hand will suffer or not.

The main button, previously located under the screen, it disappears. The new iPad Pro will adopt the same system of unlocking by face recognition than the recent iPhone. By the way, the headset jack goes, at the risk of pointing a part of consumers who will be equipped with models without wireless or a plug adapter for their wired headsets.

  • The small model, includes a screen 11 inches in the same footprint as the iPad it replaces, with a screen of 10.5 inches. Its weight does not change. Its basic price will be 900 euros, and it will be available from 6 November. Recall that his predecessor used to cost 740 euros at its output there are up to eighteen months. This model remains in the catalogue at the same price.
  • The grand model does not change the size of the screen (about 12.9 inches) but is lighter by 45 grams or less long of two and one-half centimeters. Its base price is eur 1 120 eur and it will also be available from 6 November. Its predecessor was 909 euros to its release in early 2017.

Keyboard and stylus, improved

For a fee, you can add a keyboard to a new genre for the iPad Pro, which allows you to tilt the tablet in two different positions, as well as a new pen. This little electronic pen is in charge now wireless when you glue it to the iPad thanks to a magnetic. Its users are not expected to fall out of battery as with the previous pen, rechargeable by inserting it in the socket of the iPad. You can now change tool by tapping the stylus, and modify other settings through the use of gesture commands. The price of this Pencil rises to 135 euros from 100 euros to its predecessor.

By the way, the sacro-sainte taken, ” lightning “, which equips the iPhone and iPad for many years, is taking its final bow, replaced by ” USB-C “), a type of connector that is becoming more prevalent on the Android smartphones at the moment. USB-C has a common asset with the decision-lightning : it can be insert on the side or battery side, unlike the USB connectors traditional, which fit only on one side.

A new Macbook Air

The laptop the less expensive Apple is experiencing a major refreshment. The 13-inch Macbook Air lighter to one hundred grams, the margins of the screen are now two-times thinner, which makes it a little more compact. This allows him to catch up with PCS equipped with Windows. Closed, its appearance does not change a lot, but once open, his line became lighter and much.

The screen on the new Macbook Air is more pleasing to the eye thanks to the increase in the number of pixels. It does little to distinguish with the naked eye. A fingerprint reader makes its appearance. The new Macbook Air costs 1 350 euros, compared to 1 100 euros for the old model to its release in mid-2017. It will be available from 6 November.

A new Mac Mini

The computer is the least expensive of Apple, without a screen, knows its first refresh in four years. Its appearance does not change, but its electronic is discount the flavor of the day, as well as its connectors, which go to the USB-C. The basic version of the new Mac Mini costs 900 euros, compared to 500 euros for the old model to its output in 2014. Like the other products advertised, it will be available from 6 November.

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