Appetites are sharpened on the market of meal delivery

Off the road for Foodora. In the race without thank you among the companies of delivery of meal, hard to keep the pace. The German Delivery Hero, in fact, bitter experience. On the occasion of the publication of its half-year results, it announced on Thursday, August 2, his decision to withdraw from the markets, French, Italian, Dutch, and australian. Its French subsidiary is now officially for sale. Remains to be seen whether it will find a taker…

In 2016, the belgian company Take Eat Easy had already said package, was forced to abandon for lack of fuel financial. Wiped off the map after its bankruptcy filing. As to the nancy Fetch, she comes down the curtain. So many examples that prove that the market for the delivery of meals to home or office is undergoing a consolidation phase. A very rapid evolution for these start-up of the “food tech” popular with investors.

Delivery Hero, she won the mint in June 2017. By successfully completing its ipo, it has pocketed a billion euros. A year later, it boasts a revenue growth of 60 % in the first half, at 357 million euros. Delivery Hero has even re-evaluated its sales guidance for the year as a whole, understood now between the 760 and 780 million euros. But it should recognize it : it will not reach the point of financial balance that she had set for the end of 2018 and on the whole the year 2019.

The Hexagon, a very competitive market

It is this difficulty to get the model that has led the company to divest certain of its subsidiaries. Already, she was out of the brazilian market by transferring his activity to iFood. In France, it is work about 2,000 drivers who have the status of autoentrepreneur but wear her bib. The number of salaried employees is much more limited – one to sixty approximately.

Launched in a race costly for market share, it…

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