And if the ” fiscal revolution “… had taken place in Belgium ?

Forum. Emmanuel Macron has managed to be elected president of the Republic thanks to a combination of circumstances exceptional. Since his election, the gods continue to be favourable : almost all economic indicators go green, so that no reform has been implemented.

A belgian story only serves to confirm that Mr Macron was born under a lucky star. In the month of July 2017, the belgian federal government has launched a true revolution tax, on the capital taxation of individuals and corporations. From 1 January 2018, the tax residents, belgian holders of shares, bonds or units in collective investment undertakings for an aggregate amount of € 500 000 will be subject to a levy annual tax of 0.15 %.

This measure will also apply to securities accounts held by tax residents belgians in financial institutions domiciled outside of the kingdom. The capital reduction operations, hitherto exempt from income tax, will now be taxed if they relate to the reserves of the company. In addition, the capital gains realized by the intermediate holding companies will be subject to corporate tax. Finally, the income earned within the legal structures located in a State where taxation is ” low ” will be taxed in Belgium.

In Luxembourg also

This tax reform will thus affect all the French exiles fiscaux in Belgium. They will have to examine the opportunity of maintaining their tax residence in this country, and whether it would not be more expedient to return to France, where will be deleted and the taxation of financial income, under the reform of the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF). He will be much more useful to study the opportunity that the taxpayers, even reside abroad, will continue to support the new tax on the heritage…

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