Analysis: the Positive attitude of the Anglo American!

Anglo American currently finds itself in a clearly positive attitude, and has, after an initially negative development in the years from the year high at the end of January, and bottomed out earlier in may. Synergy is clearly among several of the mining companies, on the rise in the future, and it is also positive that we are seeing strength among precious metals…

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Multinational mining company Anglo American is the world’s largest producer of platinum, in addition to the company also is a major producer of copper, nickel and iron ore to name a few.

Since we started January in the year with a positive attitude, just got this upturn, the end of an upswing which has been underway since 2016, and a clear decline has then been experienced.

In the short term has clear köpstyrka been revealed over the past four trading days, and we noted a higher bottom, then we looked to be about to challenge the year low from may around 1 000 pence.

Not just the Anglo-American exhibits positive mood, but also colleagues in the industry along with the several precious metals but also base metals are showing strength.

The company is the world’s largest producer of platinum, with over 40 per cent of the world production, may further momentum when this precious metal is exhibiting progressions in the on the rise.

We also see no sign that the british pound will significantly strengthen against the Swedish krona, which means that we can get to get further back here.

An attractive köpläge are already available today, at 1081, and we keep track of 1 160, which listed clear volume last year. At this price level, we expect that sellers will step in and show their prowess, which makes our målkurs also lands here.

If the positive momentum that exists persists, well then, there is the possibility of an outbreak of 1 160. In such cases we turn our eyes to 1 275, which had previously been a clear balance point, a price level with clear interest from both buyers and sellers.

Anglo American also traded just below the 200-day moving average, which is currently quoted at just over the 1 131. An establishment of this long-term fork in the road, would also further to be able to contribute positivity.

The stock is traded primarily on the London stock exchange, under the symbol AAL and is included in the storbolagsindexet the FTSE 100.

Anglo American PLC

Entrance buy
P 1 081

P 1 160

Emergency exit
P 1 055
P/E est. 2017

P 1 081
Direct avk. est. 2017


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