Analysis: the buy Signal triggered in Klövern B.

Klövern B has triggered a buy signal from a huvudskuldra bottenformation which indicates a rise against the 10.80 sek in a first stage. Any backlash down to 9.80 kr represents a köpläge.

The clover (B) after a lågpunkt at 7.05 sek in december 2014 have been traded to a peak of 10.65 kr in February 2015… to then form a sequence of rising bottoms and tops within a well-defined handelsintervall in the form of a rising trendkanal.

The share has since the middle of October has shown a sideways trend which has taken the form of a huvudskuldra bottenformation. Two weeks ago, broke the share nacklinjen in this formation, when the resistance at 9.80 usd was passed with the force, which triggered a buy signal. Prisobjektivet indicates a rise against the 10.80 sek in a first stage.

Pass of 9.80 € at the top has once again turned huvudtrenden to rising… even if the MA 40 weeks, not really had time to catch up with the the price than. In the longer term, about 10.80 usd for the tool, there is the potential that the stock can reach the roof in trendkanalen around 12.50 usd before there can be talk of a major backlash.

We see the possible backlash down for a test of 9.80 sek, which is converted into a support the best possible entry level for a movement against the prisobjektivet. The emergency exit is placed preferably at a close below 9.55£.

Would share to defy the trend of positive scenario, significant close below 9.80 kr is considered to köpsignalen be omkullkastad with the accompanying decline against the 9.10 €

The share traded above the falling 40-week moving average.

The Clover B

Entrance buy
9.80 £

10.80 £
The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit
9.55 kr

9.96 kr
Direct avk.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol KLOV B.

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