Analysis: the buy Signal triggered in Handelsbanken!

Handelsbanken is waking up after a clear sideways trading since the end of may. Wednesday’s outbreak of the short-term resistance at 123 sek, sending positive signals, and we now turn attention to the north…

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The Swedish banking sector has clearly demonstrated the negative noises during the month of may, which means that the Handelsbanken part,, the shares have fallen a little more than 3 per cent.

At the end of may began to decline in the Handelsbanken stop, and instead began to clear land are formed.

Periodic attempts to a renewed rise has been experienced, primarily at 123 sek in the short term has been built up as a clear resistance level.

On Wednesday, we managed to finally get an outbreak of Handelsbanken, and the proof above, which means that we are now turning their attention further north.

A buy signal has thus been triggered, and an input is considered to be attractive even at 123.50 crowns.

So far we have not noticed the lower bottom, compared with that observed the previous april at sek 119, which further strengthens the belief in the turning point and on the rise.

On the basis of a veckoperspektiv we can now be on your way to even leave the four weeks of trading, closing at minus, which is positive.

In the short term was challenged even the 50 day moving average on Wednesday, which further can be a positive piece of the puzzle, at the establishment above.

We now turn their attention further north, to 128 crowns. At this price level, we expect that sellers should show their prowess, then we historical notes the significant volume here.

Tentatively placed a stop loss already at 122 crowns, in order to limit a possible drop, if it turns out to be a false eruption that occurred.

The share is trading below both the 200 and 100 day moving average, but as we mentioned earlier challenged now the 50 day moving average seriously.

On Wednesday, stated that ”Handelsbanken lowers list prices on mortgage loans with 3-15 points on loans with 2, 5, 8 and 10 years maturity as of Thursday,”. The reason for the adjustment is that marknadslångräntor fallen.

Earlier in may, it was also positive indications from a analysuppdatering by Moody’s. The Swedish banking sector would be able to handle a price drop of 25 to 30 per cent of Swedish homes, according to Moody’s, without any substantial increase of loan losses.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol SHB A.


Entrance buy
123.50 £

128.00 usd
The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit
122.00 £

123.60 £
Direct avk.


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