Analysis: Ratos approaching a köpläge!

Ratos has like several other companies on the stock exchange had a negative development since the beginning of the summer. Bottoming occurred at the end of August, and the month of september started in the clearly positive attitude. Short-term crossroads, and technical resistance challenged now, but the underlying momentum in the thesis to indicate that, we get an outbreak and onward travel to the north…

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Private Equity company Ratos, which is aimed mainly towards active and long-term holdings in unlisted companies, since the beginning of the summer experienced a clear negative movement on the stock exchange.

The company has, through the clear takeover of the sales force slowly, but surely, have moved everything to the south, until bottoming occurred at the end of August at 36.50 sek.

The month of September has started in clear positive attitude, and on Wednesday challenged the short-term branch in the form of the 50 day moving average at 38.50 sek.

In addition, we are at the right price 38.50), which earlier this year proved been hard to beat.

In case of an outbreak, establishment of this price level, and a closing above the MA 50, speaks highly for that we may get to experience a movement to initially sek 41. The input mode is thus seen at 38.75 usd, with a målkurs at 41.00 dollars.

In a scenario where the köpstyrkan and risk appetite continues on the stockholm stock exchange, yes then we can see the movements further north to 43.75 dollars. The risk increases significantly in such a scenario, in which folded down in tune with the rise of 41.00 sek is considered to be highly recommended.

In a scenario where we get an outbreak to the north, and renewed weakness in the unlikely event occurs within a short, limited such nedsida by tentatively placing a stop loss already at 37.75 sek, as the risk of a continued on traveling south then, is clearly elevated.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol RATO B.


Entrance buy
38.75 kr

41.00 £
The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit
37.75 kr

38.19 kr
Direct avk.

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