Analysis: Köpläge in Nokia.

Nokia shares have rekylerat down in the vicinity of the utbrottsnivån from the month of may around the 51kr, which creates an attractive köpläge then a stoploss can be placed narrowly in relation to uppgångspotentialen.

Nokia shares after a fall in more than 95% counting from the top at the 260kr from 2008, the last five years been trading in a rising trend.

Since april 2015, the share price rekylerat with the 61.8% of the recovery phase from the July bottom in 2012, making the share is oversold and created good conditions for the start of a new uppgångsfas. Technically, the buyers clearly demonstrated that they hold the baton when the shares since november of 2016 demonstrated a sequence of rising bottoms and tops which taken share past 51kr the level that previously formed a strong resistance at the top. At the outbreak increased the turnover considerably, which in combination with an establishment above the MA of 40 weeks, and a desire to be traded further up, indicated that the current recoil is a usual reaction that is buyable.

So long as the share price on a weekly basis reject 51kr that has been converted to a strong support, conditions are good for further rise to 58 followed by 65.50 £

Then the risk in the form of a stoploss can be placed narrowly in relation to uppgångspotentialen proposed a purchase in the vicinity of the 51kr. The emergency exit is placed preferably at a close below 48.50 £ Målkurs be placed preferably at the 58kr.

Would the share the against all odds show weakness by significant shut down during the 51kr expected a test of the 48kr.

The stock is traded over the long-term rising 40-week moving average.


Entrance buy


Emergency exit
48.50 kr

52.40 kr
Direct avk.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol NOKIA SEC.

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