Analysis: Elekta looking up.

Elekta share has for the first time since 2014 closed above the svårforcerade 89kr level which opens up for further rise towards 100, followed by 115kr. The current recoil is buyable on which the share is testing the utbrottsnivån from above.

Elekta share’s previously weak development faces a hefty positive change, then the share price recently passed the 89kr level on several occasions since the middle of 2014 acted as resistance.

In August 2016, the formed share a dubbelbottenformation at the 50 level which signaled the start of a trend reversal. This upturn showed initially difficulty to get a foothold then rekylerna was unusually deep, but the sequence of rising lows showed a still increasing köptryck. During the recovery phase has several buy signals were triggered successfully återtestats from above.

The share is now again for a test from above of 89kr the level that previously provided resistance. The main scenario is that this support holds then the long-term jämviktsvärdet taken a positive slope and the shares are showing a clearly rising trend, which means that we look up towards 100 followed by 115kr.

Would share to show weakness by on a weekly basis significant close below the 89kr is further expected test of support at the 85kr… passed this on the downside, the positive scenario remains questionable.

Swedbank has raised riktkursen from the previous 105 to 115kr and recommend, once again, a purchase (the news agency directly, may 10).

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol EKTA B.

EKTA B Company

Entrance buy

The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit

90.45 £
Direct avk.

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