Analysis: Elekta is approaching attractive entry level.

Medical device company Elekta to exhibit the underlying positive noises, then big decline from the year high in may. Slowly but surely moving the company’s share on the north in tune with the MA 200, and we are now mobilising the face of the rise…

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Elekta has experienced a clearly positive tongång ago in the summer of 2016. The start had already begun around sek 56, and managed to take us all the way to just under sek 100 earlier in may.

Since the great fall, and the decline in may which, after all, means that we still noted up +1.60% since the end of the year, we have since the beginning of June turned on the vibes.

We believe that we are experiencing, the underlying köpstyrka and concentrated effort behind the scenes, then we did not noted any significant force at less recoils.

The modest upturn we are now experienced since two weeks back, processes at the same time, the long-term partner in the form of the 200 day moving average, pointing to the north.

The shares are also traded right now around the technical nyckelnivån at 83 sek, which means that we believe in a rebound at the establishment above.

We see an attractive initial entry level is already at 83.50 crowns, which we believe has a high probability of a initially move up to 87.50 dollars.

During the trip, we expect less visited by sellers is already at 85 kronor. Also noted, right now the 100-day moving average.

We put a short stop already at 81.50, in order to limit a possible drop, if it now in the unlikely event that we get a false establishment of 83 dollars.

After the previous rapportbesvikelse, now shows a prognossammanställning from the SME Directly to the analysts are expecting an average adjusted ebita-earnings at 1.6555 million for 2017/2018, which was one of the reasons for the large case on 1 June.

We believe that this can serve as a good basis and create some positivity in the future. Expectations are low, twisted, and the smallest little positivity would help with the jerking north…

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol EKTA B.


Entrance buy
83.00 usd

87.50 £
The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit
81.50 £

81.95 usd
Direct avk.

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