Analysis: Betsson (B) reversal of the trend at the time?

Betsson (B shares have, after a very weak development begun to show bottentendeser then the share price formed a higher lågpunkt and closed above the resistance at 79kr. Process in a later stage 90sek confirmed a long-term upturn.

Betsson B share long-term rising trend ended abruptly in February 2016 in connection with a breakthrough down from a dubbeltopp formation. The bottom was reached shortly thereafter, around 60kr level which coincides with the support in the form of the roof in a triangelformation where the shares triggered a buy signal in the beginning of 2014.

Share after a strong reaction at this support demonstrated a lateral development, which appears to be a less bottenformation when the shares are listed, a new swing top and shown on the rising bottoms in the weekly perspective. The stock has also closed above the resistance at 79kr which coincides with the long-term jämviktsvärdet that leveled out. The conditions for the start of a recovery are thus good against in the first place 90sek. Rushed this level in a later stage will be raised if a long-term upturn.

In the short term appears to the potential to be mainly on the top and we see the possible backlash down for a test of the MA 40 weeks from the top, between the 78-79kr as an entry level to 89kr. The emergency exit is placed preferably at a closing under 75kr.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol BETS B.

Betsson B Company

Entrance buy

The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit

80.15 usd
Direct avk.

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