An impossible union unity

Analysis. Irony of history : it is the headquarters of the CFDT that will be held on Tuesday, October 24, a intersyndicale to decide on a demonstration unit against the orders on the reform of the labour code.

The central Laurent Berger, who refuses any engagement interprofessional deemed to be a ” demonstration of weakness “, will host the CGT, FO, CFTC, CFE-CGC, UNSA, FSU, Solidaires. A meeting is already doomed to failure. At the national council of the CFDT, on 18 and 19 October, a federal lead replied to the activists in a hurry to fight : “The CGT, this is the Titanic. Who wants to ride on the Titanic ? “

To rally other unions, the CGT, embedded in a strategy hardliner for the withdrawal of the orders, is very fragile. Since the beginning of this challenge, its secretary general, Philippe Martinez, known as action days to repeat will not allow it to win the case. In 2016, fourteen mobilizations for the withdrawal of the law El Khomri had resulted in a failure.

Bad practices

In 2017, the power plant, which has been superseded by the CFDT of his first place in the private sector, has played small arms, having difficulties to mobilize far beyond his circle of activist. Thursday, October 18, the “demo” of the SGC, accompanied by several but dropped by the FSU, has been a flop. The ministry of the interior counted in the whole of France 37 700 protesters – more than three times less than in the day of 21 September, the CGT merely to talk of “tens of thousands” of participants, compared to 500 000, according to its figures, the 12 September.

Mayonnaise does not, but the SGC doesn’t overcome, or even to cause some internal strife. “The refusal to undergo degradation [of] rights to the work remains very strong,” does she not hesitated to…

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