AMOEBA pass Board of Directors

Lyon, France, June 22, 2017 – the shareholders of the Company AMOEBA (FR0011051598 – AMEBA) that are at the combined General Meeting date, decided to replace the management structure of dual composed of a management Board and a Supervisory Board, by a Board of Directors.

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The Board of Directors newly appointed for a term of 6 years is composed of 7 members :

• Mr. Fabrice PLASSON (previously Chairman of the management Board)
• Mr. Pascal REBER (previously Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
• Mrs. Marie Christine BIG FAVROT, Mrs. Gaëtane SUZENET, the company AURIGA PARTNERS represented by Mr. Franck LESCURE (previously members of the Supervisory Board)
• The company EUREKAP represented by Mr. Guy RIGAUD (previously Vice – Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
• Ms Valerie FILIATRE (Chief Financial officer of the AMOEBA previously a member of the management Board)

The Board of Directors, which met for its first session after the General Assembly appointed Mr. Fabrice PLASSON President of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive officer for the duration of his directorship.

“This new organization has the merit of simplifying the decision-making process in order to meet our current and future challenges. I thank the members of the management Board and the Supervisory Board, who have helped lead the company at this stage of its development. “Fabrice PLASSON, President of the Board of Directors and General Manager of AMOEBA.

About AMOEBA :
AMOEBA develops a biocidal biologically capable of eliminating the risk of bacteria present in the water. This solution is an alternative to the chemicals traditionally used in the sector of the treatment of cooling waters. In a global market of chemical biocides estimated to be 21 Billion€(1), AMOEBA is now focused on the segment of the cooling towers industrial (TAR) valued at€1.7 billion(2). BIOMEBA has not yet obtained authorization on the market in the USA, Europe and Canada ; AMOEBA is involved in the regulatory steps necessary to obtain the authorisation for placing on the market in these territories for use of the BIOMEBA in the cooling systems of the water. Based in Chassieu (Lyon, France), AMOEBA is listed on compartment C of Euronext Paris, and was included in the CAC® Small, September 21, 2015.

For more information :

(1) : combined Sources by Amoeba from the caterers of water, Freedonia, Eurostat, and MarketsandMarkets
(2) : Data Amoeba combined from sources : DRIRE 2013, Eurostat, ARHIA 2013

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