Altice barely straighten SFR

In France, Altice has not yet managed to set the bar at SFR. The telecom operator has released, Thursday, November 2, quarterly results, half-tint to its French subsidiary, which have had the effect of impacting on the entire group. At the global level, Altice, has seen its sales decline by 1.8% to € 5.8 billion, while its Ebitda – the equivalent of gross operating income shows a rise from 1.8% to 2.4 billion.

Problem, the group, owned by Patrick Drahi, who is also present in the United States, Portugal and Israel, said he was a little less optimistic than before on the whole of its fiscal year 2017. As a result, its Ebitda for the annual fall ” in the bottom of its range of its initial forecast “. A way to prevent the analysts that we should not put too much hope in the annual results.

“We confirm an increase in our revenue and capital expenditure of 4 billion euros on the year, but we face some uncertainty in France, with an impact on our Ebitda “, explained Michel Combes, the CEO of SFR, on the occasion of a telephone conference call.

In the Hexagon, the quarterly revenue of SFR decreased by 1.3 % to 2.76 billion euros, while the gross profit decreased 3.2 % to € 1 billion. In front of these performances are rather average, Michel Combes, has preferred to see the glass half full. “We stabilized our revenue in a universe that is very competitive, and we have always said that we are agreeing, first, to the mobile “, launched the leader.

Reverse the steam

In fact, the operator who has gone to great lengths to catch up in the 4G, has managed to stem the erosion of its base of mobile subscribers. In the third quarter, it had $ 14.5 million customers, which is 75 000 more than last year. Shadow to the table, the ARPU, the famous monthly revenue per subscriber, an indicator watched closely…

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