Altice : a note, potentially very salty for Patrick Drahi

“As long as one has not sold, it has not lost. “In recent days, Patrick Drahi has had to be repeated in a loop the old saying in the equity market. The founder of Altice is the first loser ” virtual collapse of its Stock price. In a month, the fortune of the billionaire, whose personal holding, Next, owns 60% of the share capital of Altice, has lost half of its value, falling to 8.2 billion euros, Monday, November 20. In June, when the action was at the highest, the participation of Patrick Drahi still stood at 21 billion euros, 13 billion euros more !

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After the plunge, Altice will come back in Stock

The business man dream-t-he the night of this yo-yo stock market ? The entrepreneur is in any case shown to be annoyed before the trade unionists he met for an hour and a half last week at the headquarters of SFR, at the time one of them pointed to the continued fall in the Stock price. “I’m still here for a very long time “, explained the substance of the telecom mogul, 54 years old.

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