Alstom has successfully begun the commissioning of the autopilot on the RER A

Alstom has started the commissioning of the function autopilot[1] on the central section of the RER A located between the stations of Nanterre-Prefecture, Val-de-Fontenay, and Fontenay-sous-Bois. Since April 27, a train double MI09 works with the autopilot, a sort of speed regulator, developed and supplied by Alstom. The addition of this function to the SACEM[2] set up in 1989, aims to strengthen the performance and the frequency of the RER A, the line suburban the most crowded in Europe, with nearly 1.2 million passengers per day. The autopilot will be implemented gradually, by November 2018, on the entire fleet of 183 trains at two levels (MI2N and MI09) currently outstanding on the line A of the RER.

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In January 2015, the RATP[3], STIF[4] and the Region Ile-de-France had chosen Alstom for the development and installation of the function on Automatic pilot to the line A of the RER in paris. The contract, a total amount of around 20 million euros, includes the detailed studies, the realization of the prototype and the equipment for the oars, the trials and the assistance of the project.

It is for Alstom, a source of great pride to participate in this important project for the mobility of the ile-de-france. The teams signaling the French Alstom, based in Saint-Ouen and Villeurbanne, put all their expertise and enthusiasm to provide a solution that is innovative, reliable and able to work with an older system. This project will be a beautiful showcase of the skills of Alstom in signaling, says Jean-Baptiste Eyméoud, managing director of Alstom France.

Alstom is thus a real technical challenge : install in less than 2 years an autopilot on an existing system for nearly 30 years, technically complex by interfacing with two types of train exist. It is also a first in the world to install an auto pilot for heavy trains. This solution, integrated with the SACEM, and will improve the regularity of the line and will provide a gain of time of about 2 minutes on the journey between the stations Vincennes and La Défense, which corresponds to a commercial speed increased by 5 km/h.

Since 1989, this system ensures the performance and safety of the line A of the RER, by controlling continuously the speed and spacing of trains. Alstom has actively participated in the development and implementation of this solution. Alstom has also deployed solutions on SACEM in Mexico and Hong Kong

[1] Auto-Pilot-type GOA2, with driver

[2] System of Driving Assistance to the Operating and Maintenance (SACEM)

[3] RATP: Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens.

[4] STIF: Syndicat des Transports d’île-de-France.

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