Allianz Safecar : a 3D experience to contribute to the road safety

In order to raise public awareness of the importance of maintenance and safety on board vehicles, Allianz France and the French Road safety association offer a unique experience in 3D through the concept Allianz Safecar.

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It is either made yourself or by a mechanic, vehicle maintenance must be carried out throughout the year. Too often overlooked before hitting the road, the good condition of a vehicle is, however, a major issue for road safety. Similarly, certain habits of conduct or behavior on board can lead to risks for the safety of passengers or other road users.

On the occasion of the great holiday departures, Allianz France and the French Road safety association launched Allianz Safecar, a 3D experience that is immersive and fun to raise awareness among drivers of the importance of vehicle maintenance.

Inspired by the car 10 errors, educational activities developed by the French Road safety association, ” the Allianz Safecar “, 3D animation available on the Internet and on mobile, invites the drivers to find the 10 errors that lurk inside or outside the vehicle. Once an error is found, simply click it with the mouse or to press it on her phone and it appears in red and then a message of prevention appears to present the risks associated with the non-control of this area prior to departure. Once the 10 errors found, the user has the option of sharing their score with friends on Facebook and invite them to play their turn.

Through this experience, Allianz Safecar illustrates the consequences of poor maintenance of a vehicle and small errors found to be harmless and helps to raise awareness of the good behaviors to adopt to reduce the risk of an accident.

“As a major player in the motor insurance business and in the prevention of risks, Allianz France wants to raise the awareness of motorists to the dangers of the road. It starts with a good maintenance of the vehicle for safe travel. The 3D vehicle Allianz Safecar demonstrates our commitment to disseminate innovative and playful, these good habits to help make the roads safer, ” explains François Nédey, Director Technical insurance, property and responsibilities of Allianz France.

“Through our partnership with Allianz France, we can now develop educational tools accessible to the greatest number. We extend as well, and more efficiently, our awareness-raising actions carried out each day on the field, ” says Anne Lavaud, general delegate of the French Road safety association.

Allianz France is engaged since several years in an active and innovative road safety to its customers and the public. In may of last year, Allianz France and the French Road safety association have launched the virtual reality application “Conducting your investigation” on the theme of prevention of road risks associated with blind spots in urban areas.

Allianz France is also the first company to use Snapchat to raise awareness of the scourge of alcohol with the campaign ‘ 5 ways to hide your car keys to a family member who has had too much to drink “. Since 2016, the Allianz Prevention Tour crosses France to discover free of charge to the public good reflexes and driving through fun activities and expert advice.

The 3D experience “Allianz Safecar” is available with the following browsers Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome, on computer and on mobile.

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