Allianz France is launching its new brand platform that showcases the Unexpected

The Unforeseen will always be a part of our lives. Can we book good…and less good…surprises. From 3 June, for the launch of its new brand platform designed with Ogilvy Paris, Allianz France embodies the Unexpected with a communication campaign 360°.

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With this campaign, Allianz France demonstrates its commitment to helping its customers and the general public to better manage the Unexpected in all aspects of their lives and to support them to move forward.

Who has never faced a unexpected ?

The Unexpected, this is the one that slams the door without having the keys on him, one that causes water leaks, unexplained one that loosens the hand brake… But it is also the one that puts love on your way to redeeming your luggage at the airport, or the one that helps you find a job by opening the journal to the correct page.

Allianz France takes the party to celebrate the Unexpected, embodied by a young man of quirky and funny which places the unexpected in our path.

With this new campaign, Allianz France is positioning itself as the insurer of the Unexpected, a player close to its customers, individuals, professionals or companies, to accompany them in all moments of life, in all serenity, “A to Z” with offers of insurance, assistance and services simple and innovative.

It capitalizes on the recognized values of the brand such as strength, confidence, modernity and innovation, while developing the emotional closeness, the simplicity and the sympathy of the mark.

Better manage the unexpected, a campaign 360°

Broadcast TV from 3 June, two films around the automobile insurance and homeowners ‘ unveil the new platform. They are accompanied by an activation Twitter and Facebook, as well as a new staging by agency (sticker, posters), reproducing the principle of the Unexpected and the new visual identity.

On 7 June, Allianz France will invite Twitter users who are experiencing an unexpected to tweet them with the hashtag #CétaitPasPrévu. Allianz France, will answer a selection of tweets by providing a response in the form of a concrete solution to help manage their unexpected.

“With this new campaign 360°, we want to be even closer to the French to accompany them in all the moments of their life, and especially when the Unexpected invites itself into their lives. We want to share with them the emotion of unusual situations and unexpected and do the Unexpected as a wonderful opportunity to move forward. Through this new brand platform, Allianz France is positioning itself as a partner of proximity to innovative for a simplified life, and serene, ” explains Delphine Asseraf, Director of Digital, Brand & Communication at Allianz France.

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