Allianz France holds 6 startups for the 5th season of its accelerator, and is strengthening its dynam…

The accelerator at Allianz France, based in the stadium Allianz Riviera in Nice, picks 6 startups for its new Summer Batch #3 : Allo-Media, Keepen, Minalea, Reachfive, Riskattitude and Sensego.

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With this new promotion, the accelerator Allianz confirms its position of leader on the co-acceleration in corporate, retaining in particular its partnership with

6 promising startups applied for the Summer Batch #3

The jury, composed of representatives of Allianz France, Allianz Worldwide Partners and Idinvest Partners, has selected 6 promising startups from among a pre-selection international (Usa, Switzerland etc) in the areas of InsurTech, artificial intelligence, marketing, digital and connected objects.

Allo-Media, Keepen, Minalea, Reachfive, Riskattitude and Sensego begin the acceleration program of Allianz France in June 2017 for a period of 5 months. The startup Allo-Media will be the subject of the third co-accelerating with ACT 574, the accelerator

A strong dynamic

The previous edition, the WinterBatch#2 has been marked by the emergence of funds of 7 million Euros for Ledger, 4 million Euros for a Pen Labs and also the second exercise for Metigate.

Allianz France is pursuing its policy of innovation and co-creation with startups. Two pilots have been launched : the first with M2Key to make shop windows interactive agencies and the second with InMemori to offer an online service of collection of condolences and memories for the families of the deceased.

The startups of the WinterBatch#2 benefited from the launch of the programme of co-acceleration in China, through a journey of discovery of the ecosystems of China in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, and meetings with Chinese stakeholders in an innovative way.

The accelerator has also forged a partnership with VROOM a Caravan, pitch to a European tour to establish a watch on innovation in Europe, and enable startups accelerated to be present in front of investors monegasque and international.

“After 4 selections, the accelerator Allianz France is proud to have accelerated twenty startups that have risen to 25 million Euros. For this SummerBatch#3, the accelerator continues its dynamic, its programme of co-acceleration and welcomes 6 new promising startups in the areas of InsurTech, artificial intelligence, marketing, digital and connected objects, ” explains Sylvain Theveniaud, Director of the accelerator at Allianz France

About 6 startups of the SummerBatch#3

Allo-Media : artificial intelligence technology that enables them to capitalize on the telephone conversations between a customer and a brand. Integrated to the database of the company, the information to enrich the CRM, give more visibility to the marketing team and help provide a relevant answer to the requests of customers.

Keepen : first alarm system fully autonomous, protecting it from permanent and reliable home.

Minalea : solution business council, which scans continuously all the offers on the market and highlights their differences. It is able to identify the strengths of an offer presented to the customer, relative to its current offering, and according to its specific needs.

Reachfive : software solution that enables businesses to offer their customers a simplified connection via the social networks irrespective of the terminal or the connection mode. The solution enables you to segment customers according to their tastes, their interests and their demographic profiles. It is then possible to propose personalized offers and targeted at these customers.

Riskattitude : solutions to help the insurance companies, the middlemen and the industrialists but also small businesses and communities to analyze their risks and to propose plans of prevention in order to better control the hazard, it is not yet appeared or that the incident has already taken place.

Sensego : software module to integrate in a mobile application in order to perceive, interpret and act in real time thanks to signals issued by the client.

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