Alain DELSOL, Mayor of Lavernose-Lacasse, and URBASOLAR are going back on 18 months of operation d…

This morning, at the mairie of Lavernose-Lacasse, Alain DELSOL back on 18 months of operation of the solar plant installed on its common.

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The project started in 2009, born of the political will of the municipal team to create value and bring innovation on the territory of toulouse, was designed, financed and constructed by the group URBASOLAR.
Commissioning end of 2015, the plant has been built with French materials (modules, trackers and structures) has already produced 8 170 MWh, equivalent to the annual electrical consumption (excluding heating) of 3 000 households. This figure is in line with the forecasts made by teams of expert photovoltaic (pv) and confirms the group’s know-how in this field.
This achievement is distinguished by many aspects.
First of all, on the environmental front where it is a perfect example of on-site rehabilitation and circular economy, as built on an old gravel pit it had been backfilled with waste from the construction of the metro line in Toulouse.
On the map of technological innovation, the plant has a system of monitoring scientific innovative developed with CEA-Ines, including helping to feed and calibrate the work of development of algorithms of detection of defects, performance evaluation and production forecasting. Concerning the structures supporting the trackers, single-axis, they have been equipped with a system of height adjustment to overcome the possibility of differential settlement, which is inherent to the nature of the land (old gravel pit). Finally, the operations department of URBASOLAR that remote pilot installation (trackers and inverters) from its center of supervision allows a permanent adaptation to the different weather patterns as well as the needs of the network.
From an economic point of view it is a good example of collaboration between the different actors of the new region of Occitania, because the partner companies of the project are located in the Tarn, the Tarn and the Garonne, the Herault and the Gard, – generating local economic development.
All of these features make the solar power plant of Lavernose-Lacasse an exemplary project, both in terms of innovation, environment, economic development, which fits in perfectly with the objectives of reducing gas to the effects of greenhouses endorsed by agreements on climate in Paris.
It also demonstrates the need for co-operation of local authorities to achieve these objectives.
“We have transformed vacant lots into a site closed, in camera, that produces electricity, which works for the environment, for the commune and for the whole world. The installation of the photovoltaic plant on the ground on nine hectares is located in a space where there are no houses, it doesn person. We are already a common positive energy with the plant commissioning in late 2015. It is necessary to prepare for the future ! ” says Alain Delsol, Mayor of Lavernose.

About Urbasolar:
Urbasolar designs, builds and operates photovoltaic power plants for professionals.
French Expert of solar panels.
Revenue 2016/2017 : 74.2 million (closing in April).
Founder member of PV Cycle France (2014).
Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and qualified AQPV-Contractor-General.
2012 Award recipient of the Energy and Greentech in the Deloitte Fast50.
10th european company of Greentech, ranking Deloitte Fast500 2012.
Winner 2011 1st prize in the Deloitte Fast50 award in the category Green Business.

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