Air France : why the SNPL now focuses on trade union unity

Analysis. It is not possible, it is said, to govern an airline against its drivers. Air France is in the process of doing the hard experience. Since the beginning of the strike, organizations of pilots, the national Union of airline pilots (SNPL) in the lead, are at the forefront of the conflict. Seafarers are the most likely to stop work. Their organizations are involved in background to the inter Air France has already called for eleven days of strike.

The conflict in the spring of 2018 might well be equal in duration to the great strike of two weeks driving by the drivers of the company in September 2014. And this is not finished ! Failing to find a quick exit from the crisis, the unions have already warned that the pace of the strike days would accelerate in April.

The strikers have not varied an inch since the first day of conflict. They are calling for a general salary increase of 6 %. The executive, who did adopt, by two trade unions which are not representative, a pay rise of 1 %, payable in two installments, refuses to hand over hand to the pocket. Too expensive for the finances of the company, she says.

The black beast of the direction

According to his calculations, the claims of the intersyndicale would cost him 240 million euros per year. They would be additional to the 200 million euros already granted to employees, indicates the direction, in the form of higher wages, promotions and individual incentive. Arguments have no effect on the strikers, who are demanding their share of 590 million euros of profits made by the airline in 2017.

For months, the SNPL, majority among the drivers with 70 % of the votes, has become the bête noire of the direction. Air France is for the moment powerless to break the solidarity displayed by the pilots with the other categories of employees. The other unions say, delighted, but surprised…

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