Aino Health AB (publ) publishes interim report for 1 January – 31 march 2017

Aino Health AB (publ) interim report for the period 1 January – 31 march 2017 is now available at Aino Health’s website, and attached in this press release.

All of the group’s costs for product development and internationalisation during the period is recorded as expenses.

– The Finnish subsidiary, accounted for Aino-all the group’s reported turnover for the period.

– The comparative figures for the corresponding period in the year 2016 are not available p a g e that the company has been founded 19/5/2016.

The period 1/1 2017 – 31/3 2017

– The group’s net sales amounted to sek 4 715 THOUSAND. Other operating income amounted to sek 0 THOUSAND.

– The consolidated result after financial items amounted to sek -5 421 THOUSAND. The result was affected mainly by the recruitment of key personnel, and the preparation for international expansion. These expenses for the international expansion relates to expenses for business development with a focus on the acquisition of customers and suppliers for Aino concept in Germany and Sweden. Aino makes use of partners who have good contacts and local knowledge, especially on the German market.

– Earnings per share for the group amounted to sek 1.0 SEK.

CEO has the word

2017 has begun just as good as I hoped. Our strategy and plan for the year is clear. First, we will build our organization in Sweden and Germany, launching the company in our new markets, winning business and then expand. This at the same time that we continue to deliver a positive outcome in Finland.

Step one of our strategy has been to build a strong organization, and in order to do it is to find good country managers. And we have done. In Sweden, we have appointed Charlotte Boij as CEO of Aino Health Sweden AB Charlotte has long experience from leading positions within the insurance industry, including managing director for Ikano Insurance, nordic återförsäkringsdirektör at Trygg Hansa/Codan/RSA and the PRESIDENT of Länsförsäkringar International.

In Germany we have hired Peter Seeger as country manager, his official first day at Aino Health will be on 1 June, but he was presented already 9 may in Stuttgart in connection with that, we publicly launched the Aino at this year’s largest Corporate Health event. Peter has a 20-year-old very successful history from the various IT and consulting firms as CSC, Accenture, Capgemini and Hewlett Packard where he was responsible for sales and has served in various management functions.

As I talked about in the annual report so I have put all my time in 2017 to implement the sales meetings in Germany and Sweden and I feel that we are close to, in English we call it the tipping point, then we at Aino Health becomes so critical that organizations start seeking help from us. So be enterprises or public organizations with over 1000 employees, or partners.

The focus, in addition to meet the large industrial customers in both markets and to develop our partnership strategy, has been to package our experience of how to work with utfallsbaserade agreement in order to be able to introduce it for Sweden’s 290 municipalities and county councils. At Aino Health, we support the model that contribute to, and get paid for, when we deliver better human outcomes and socio-economic results, and we hope and believe that our experience from similar contracts will lead to business for us in Sweden.

The reason I am optimistic is due to the digital business support Aino Health solutions and IT-systems delivers gives municipalities and county councils, the overall picture that is needed in order to more easily develop strategies around to achieve a more health-promoting workplace. It can be from to more quickly identify activities with a risk, recommend, and coordinate support from internal and external stakeholders. But, above all, to reduce their costs related to short-term sick leave.

Whether we are talking with Sweden’s municipalities and county councils, direct customers or partners, so we know that with the help of Aino Health’s products and services enables the organization to gain an overall picture on the age group; the extent and distribution of various devices as well as its causes. Our analysis and decision-support system allows managers at all levels, particularly at the highest management level, can manage sickness absence where it should be addressed – in its causes.

A clear example of this is the agreement we signed with Kunnan Taitoa, the leading provider of services in finance, procurement and HR in the public sector in Finland, with close to 200 customers. Their mission is to improve the quality of their customers ‘ decision-making through effective financial solutions and processes for human resources departments. The cooperation has already resulted in two important and strategic order with the Finnish municipalities.

Now I have achieved part one of our strategy for the year. I have a good management team and three incredibly good to the country managers in the Charlotte Boij (Sweden), Peter Seeger (Germany) and Markku Pitkänen (Finland). The pilot project that we executed with Kunnan Taitoa has resulted in new business, our approach for Swedish municipalities and county councils have received a positive response, as well as our proposals to create strategic relationships with particular insurance companies so we are building a healthy pipeline of potential business with both companies and partners.

In quarter 2 we will make our official launches Aino Health in Sweden and Germany (as I described above), to continue to build a strong organization and have full focus on winning new business in our markets. Our strategy still feels completely right and in time.

Jyrki Eklund

CEO Aino Health AB

This information is such information that Aino Health AB (publ) is obliged to

publish under the EU marknadsmissbruksförordning. The information was submitted, by

the following contact person in the government, for publication on may 12, 2017 there is a 08:30 CET.

For more information, please contact:

Jyrki Eklund, managing director Aino Health

Tel: +358 40 042 4221. E-mail:

If Aino Health (publ)

Aino Health is the leading provider of solutions in the field of Corporate Health Management and are for private and public organisations what doctors are for people. The company’s complete system of IT-based services, reduces sick leave, lowers the related costs, and improves business performance through increased productivity and commitment among the organization’s employees then the health, wellbeing and security becomes an integral part of everyday work.

Aino Health AB (publ) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North (Ticker: AINO) with Erik Penser Bank, 08-463 83 00, as Certified Adviser.

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