Agendia and Agilent Technologies sign agreement on the molecular diagnostics of cancers

Accelerating the development of tests assessing the risk of recurrence in women with breast cancer in early stage

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SANTA CLARA, California, IRVINE California, June 7, 2017 – Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE : HAS) and Agendia, Inc. have jointly announced an agreement to extend their relationship to the development of a Kit for RNA Seq (high throughput sequencing) for the tests MammaPrint® and BluePrint® Agendia.

The test MammaPrint of Agendia is a test of the risk of recurrence of breast cancer in early stage (stage I or II) and provides binary outcomes (Low risk of recurrence / High risk of recurrence at 5 years).

The test BluePrint of Agendia is based on the prognostic accuracy of MammaPrint to classify breast cancer into four molecular subtypes (Basal , Luminal-B, HER2).

Thanks to the system ” SureSelect Target Enrichment System of Agilent, the new sequencing kit-RNA (target RNASeq) will allow Agendia to develop and use MammaPrint and BluePrint tests of next-generation sequencing. These kits will perform the tests MammaPrint and BluePrint in a decentralized manner in structures that are able to generate and use data generated by sequencing instruments of last generation, providing access to a globalized, these tests are revolutionary. The ability to perform these tests closer to the patients, in the platforms of the hospitals, to satisfy the expectations of prescribers in many countries.

The initial phase of development of the kit should be completed by the current 2017.

Agilent Technologies is the leader in the enrichment (capture) for solutions of sequencing DNA or RNA. The enrichment (capture) saves time, and saves the resources of the researchers allowing them to focus on targets of interest, rather than analyzing the genome or transcriptome-wide.

Agendia – specialized in molecular diagnostics – develops and sells diagnostic products genome from FFPE samples. The diagnostic test MammaPrint of Agendia currently realized on-chip (micro-array) is the only test authorized by the FDA and for assessing the risk of breast cancer recurrence in patients of all ages.

“We have worked with Agilent for a long time and we look forward to strengthening this relationship,” said Mark Straley, ceo of Agendia. “The integration of the technologies of sequencing RNA to our current platform of the microarray will allow us to penetrate international markets, focusing on offers decentralised. It will help us to achieve our core mission is to provide all women with access to tools, advanced diagnostic for cancers. ”

“We look forward to this opportunity to work again with Agendia,” said Jacob Thaysen, President of the Group’s Diagnostic and Genomics Agilent. “Our two companies share a common aim in the fight against cancer, and this agreement leverages the expertise of Agendia in the molecular diagnosis of cancers and the leading technologies of enrichment of targets for the next-generation sequencing Agilent, so that the best therapeutic decisions can be made for each of the patients. ”

About Agilent Technologies
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE : HAS), a global leader in the markets of the life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemistry, is the first partner laboratories who are working for a better world. Agilent is present in more than 100 countries, providing instruments, software, services and consumables for all the operations carried out in laboratories. The Company generated revenues of $ 4.2 billion in fiscal 2016, and employs approximately 12 500 people in the world.
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About Agendia
Agendia is a privately held company, number one in molecular diagnostics, which develops and sells products of genomic tests to a diagnostic to promote the personalised therapeutic cancer patients, especially in the most difficult cases. The development of tests for breast cancer of Agendia is based on an objective selection of genes, based on the analysis of the whole genome. Agendia offers MammaPrint®, a test in the prognosis of breast cancer recurrence, which analyzes the expression signature of 70 genes and BluePrint®, a test for molecular subtyping, which provides a better understanding of the biology of breast cancer, allowing the adoption of clinical measures much more nuanced.

For more information on the tests MammaPrint and BluePrint, please visit the website dedicated to patients : or the site of Agendia :

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