Again released in Hungary on the border of the swine-fever

Again released on the Hungarian border near the african swine fever (ASP); the virus is barely 20 kilometers from the Hungarian border, the village of újfalu at the show – announced the National food chain safety Office (Nébih) told MTI on Tuesday. Hungary is still not the virus which is in the neighboring countries is already causing great damage.

The ASP person is not dangerous, the pigs, however, cannot be cured, the virus for the swine and the wild boar of all ages are susceptible and diseased animals, almost without exception, are destroyed.

Over the past few months in Ukraine, Poland, Czech republic, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania also registered a number of new disease. The european authorities are trying to stop the pathogen from spreading: in the Czech republic controlled hunt is held in Romania all airports, river and sea border ports in increased inspections were carried out at the weekend for illegally entering disease-intermediary material.

The Nébih highlight: the pork industry’s survival and development of the ASP the introduction of prevention is very important to all stakeholders, therefore, requested that the relevant regulations and advice on compliance with particularly close attention to.

The ASP big gazdagsági damage to the pig keepers, purchasers, exporters, slaughterhouses and meat processing plants. The disease-until-free countries, regions introduction following the strict administrative law enforcement measures and significant financial sacrifices can be eradicate the virus.

The infected and contact herds, all pigs down to kill, the animal bodies, the spread of infection negative way to dispose of the charged pig herds enclosure of more than once disinfected. In the area where the ASP will stop, pigs, transportation, distribution, buying of also should be limited, and the live pigs, pig meat and pig meat semi-finished and finished products export is not allowed.

The Nébih compiled an 11 point list of what the disease prevention perspective, it is important advice to listed and a 12 point list that the hunters should abide by. The council and the ASP with additional information about the Nébih’s website can be found. The authority thousands of flyers distribute the disease showing up in terms of the riskiest deemed Szabolcs-Szatmár Bereg county – communicated.

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