After the bikes, Uber launches in scooters, electric

Uber is converted in turn to the mode of scooters electrical. After obtaining a permit at the beginning of September, the american company will launch in the coming weeks a first offer to lease in Santa Monica, in the suburbs of Los Angeles (California). This launch is part of a new strategy of diversification in the transport sector, in addition to the historical service of cars with driver (VTC).

Santa Monica, Uber will first deploy a fleet of 250 scooters, the quota has been granted by the municipality. They can be rented from a smartphone, and then parked on the sidewalk once the customer arrives at the destination. The company has not yet unveiled its pricing policy. However, it is very likely that it is aligned on those of the actors already in place : a dollar (€0.86) for the rental, then 15 cents per minute.

Become an ” Amazon for transportation ”

Uber is aimed at the market of short trips, which eludes him again. “For small distances, it is more logical to use a scooter than to order a car, both in terms of price and time “, points out Andrew Salzberg, director of the transportation policy and research. The company wanted to launch an identical service to San Francisco, but it has not got the permissions set up by the municipal council.

Initiated by Dara Khosrowshahi, president and CEO since August of 2017, the diversification in the transport is still in its infancy. Ultimately, “the goal is to transport our users from point a to point B, providing them with the means of transport is most appropriate,” says Mr. Salzberg. In addition to the scooters, Uber is focusing on electric bikes as “free floating” (non-terminal), following the purchase in April of the start-up american Jump.

To achieve this goal, Mr. Khosrowshahi also wishes to lead a radical change of philosophy :…

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