Aficionados of the piston and the carburetor come into resistance

If you are looking for a cylinder head for a Renault Dauphine, 1960, and that your investigation on the Web do nothing, you can always make at the Parc des expositions du Chillou, near Châtellerault (Vienna), April 14. For the past ten years, an exchange of parts, self-made full – and refuses even the world. The atmosphere is rustic and good, child, the average age rather high ; especially, you will find hundreds of rare pieces dating back to well before the ” dieselgate “, this time where we admired the beautiful mechanical noisy and smoky. Another time.

Far from the electrification of vehicles, the electronics connected to everything-goes, they are as well of thousands of French citizens to resist the air of the time, which would mean goodbye to the internal combustion engine and to the magical world of pistons and cylinders. According to Alain Guillaume, president of the French Federation of the vehicles of the era, about 250 000 people, every weekend, open the hood of their some 800 000 cars classified vehicle collection. We count almost as many fans in the United Kingdom and Germany.

If a lot of them are former mechanics, not all are able to disassemble and reassemble an engine. But the majority knows what’s going on. This is the case of Patrick, a happy owner of an Alfa Romeo Giulietta from 1959. “I took the mechanics course in the vocational school Camille-Jénatzy, in Paris,” he says. This is one of the few places to offer training on older engines. “

“In praise of the carburetor ”

Because the mechanic today do you will not the engine to the ear. It is mostly a dealer of spare parts of high technology. An evolution described with talent by Matthew Crawford, a brilliant american scholar who has abandoned a career in Washington to engage in the repair of motorcycles. In his book in Praise of the carburetor…

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